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A Bottle Of Water At Kabul Airport Sells For 39 $, Prices Steady Soaring

Since the Afghan Taliban occupied the capital of Kabul and Kabul Airport, local prices and unemployment have continued to rise, and people’s lives have become increasingly difficult. Right now, at the still chaotic Kabul Airport, the prices of food and drinking water are staggering.

There were still a large number of Afghan people pouring into the vicinity of Kabul Airport, looking for opportunities to escape from Afghanistan. However, the escape route is not easy. At present, prices in Kabul Airport are soaring, and a bottle of drinking water even sells for about 39 US dollars.

Currency depreciation, prices soar, residents of Kabul face economic challenges.

Does China plan to provide funding for the Taliban in Afghanistan? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

Wang Wenbin: What I want to emphasize is that the United States is an important cause and the biggest external factor of the Afghan issue and cannot be left alone. The U.S. has also repeatedly promised to help Avi to stabilize, prevent chaos, and rebuild peacefully. 

However, we have seen that the media continue to report on what the US is doing that is not authentic and has no bottom line. It is hoped that the U.S. can agree with its words and deeds, earnestly assume its responsibilities on the Afghan issue, and implement its commitments to Afghanistan’s development, reconstruction, and humanitarian assistance.

Kabul Airport

  China has always pursued a friendly policy oriented towards the entire Afghan people and has provided a lot of assistance to Afghanistan’s economic and social construction for a long time. China’s Shiah will end the war at an early date and restore economic and financial order, and is willing to continue to play a positive role in the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan, help Afghanistan strengthen its self-development capabilities, and improve people’s livelihood.

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