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Akcome Technology and Zheneng Power HJT are expected to be the largest Elite in the world

Akcome Technology and Zhejiang Akcome Power HJT signed the “Investment Agreement Regarding Zhejiang Akcome Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.”.

Akcome – HJT: The agreement stipulates that Zhejiang Akcome Power intends to invest 300 million yuan to subscribe for the new addition of Zhejiang Akcome Optoelectronics. Registered capital. After the capital increase is completed, Zheneng Power will hold 20% of Zhejiang Akcome Optoelectronics, and all the funds from the capital increase will be used for the construction and Production and operation.

Technology mainstream HJT industry will explode rapidly

This time Akcome Optoelectronics has won the strategic investment of Zheneng Power, which indicates that the company has been recognized by the market in terms of advanced technology, advanced development quality, and future prospects.

According to reports, with the advent of the “parity” era of photovoltaic power generation, technological innovation in the photovoltaic industry chain is active, and crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells (HJT) integrate the advantages of crystalline silicon bulk cells and thin film cells, and their HJT conversion efficiency is better and the process flow is better. It is more simplified, has a large space for cost reduction, and the light-induced attenuation is much lower than other batteries.

The comprehensive power generation in the full life cycle of 25 years is 15%-20% higher than that of the existing PERC technology. It will become the third-generation cell technology in the future. Mainstream. According to the Zheshang Securities Research Report, 2021 is expected to be the first year of HJT’s investment, and the industry’s expansion scale will reach 10-15GW. With the localization of equipment, the reduction of the cost of silver paste and target materials, and the enhancement of conversion efficiency brought about by the “increasing efficiency + cost reduction” benefits, the industry will enter a rapid explosive phase in 2022, and the scale of expansion is expected to reach more than 30GW.

The first-mover advantage of iKang in ten years of layout highlights

Akcome Technology now has four production bases in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Taizhou, Jiangxi, Ganzhou, Zhejiang, and Huzhou, Zhejiang. Among them, the Huzhou base is the first domestic GW-level heterojunction base. The investment is 5 billion. At present, Akcome Technology has formed a competitive advantage in many aspects such as scale production capacity, heterojunction cell and component technology, and cost.

In terms of batteries, Akcome’s heterojunction iCell has been transferred to the mass production stage, with an average efficiency of over 24%, and the equipment is mainly imported. The first line of the first phase of the project is mainly imported equipment, corresponding to a cell capacity of 220MW; the second line is domestic equipment, corresponding to a capacity of 260MW, and subsequent equipment is continuously being installed.

It is planned to realize the full production plan of 2.4GW capacity at the Huzhou base by the end of 2021. According to reports, the production speed of Huzhou base products has been increased to 1,200 pieces per hour, and will gradually increase in the later period; in addition, major breakthroughs have been made in product technology, including the core performance of the PECVD process under certain conditions. ), resulting in a stable TCO conductive film above 100c㎡/vs, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency of heterojunction cells.

In terms of components, relying on heterojunction cells + shingled components to build a heterojunction ecological chain, Akcome Technology has completed the development of high-efficiency shingled component products. Based on the high-efficiency HJT solar cell of 158.75mm size, it adopts the current mainstream component size and the power can be It reaches 575W, which is 30-35W higher than the mainstream 540W in the market, and the module efficiency is over 22%. 

On December 23, 2020, Akcome Technology achieved the first launch of heterojunction products in the whole market, and released the heterojunction component brand iPower. With the renewal and iteration of iCell batteries and the increase in power brought about by the improvement of component technology, Akcome will continue to provide customers with iPower4.0/5.0/6.0 series of heterojunction component products.

The announcement shows that Akcome’s heterojunction cell and component business has entered a harvest period, and its production and sales will bring substantial benefits to the company. In June, Akcome Technology issued the “Chairman’s Task Execution Management System”, which stated that in terms of the order sales of heterojunction modules, it is required to achieve the 1GW sales task at the end of 2021; in terms of the production of heterojunction cell modules, module production plants are required During the year, 1GW heterojunction modules were produced.

For the insufficient capacity of Changxing base, the 1.2GW module production line was technologically upgraded at Zhangjiagang base in Suzhou, mainly producing 210 half-cell MBB heterojunction modules. At the same time, the cell self-sufficiency rate is required to reach more than 50%; in the research and development of heterojunction cells, the average efficiency of mass production at the end of 2021 is required to reach 24.7%, the cost per watt is reduced to 0.33 yuan, and the yield rate exceeds 99%. The signing of the contract for the heterojunction product has now been completed.


From the perspective of Akcome’s strong production capacity and advanced technology, they achieved a first-mover advantage in the HJT field. The company is precise and forward-looking in terms of heterojunction investment. At the critical period when heterojunction enters the stage of industrialization, relying on the company’s ten-year layout in heterojunction batteries and strong competitive advantages, it stands out and becomes a leader in the HJT industry. The leader has become a leader in the new generation of photovoltaic cell technology.

Join forces to build HJT’s global leader

This strategic shareholding is the starting point for the in-depth cooperation between Zheneng Power and Akcome Technology. In the future, the two parties will carry out more in-depth cooperation in the new energy market, technology, capital, and industrial chain.

It is understood that Zheneng Power is a holding subsidiary of Zhejiang Energy Group Co., Ltd. and a state-owned listed company under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhejiang Province. Mainly engaged in thermal power generation business, the scale of investment in the field of power production has been expanding year by year, and production indicators such as installed power capacity and power generation have shown a steady growth trend. It has developed into a leading regional energy company in Zhejiang Province and even across the country.

On the one hand, Both are highly complementary in many aspects such as industrial structure, energy types, and operating systems. Both parties will give full play to their respective technological advantages, scale advantages and geographical advantages in the energy field, and join forces. , Coordinated development to jointly promote technological innovation and cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in the photovoltaic industry.

On the other hand, this strategic cooperation will promote the development heterojunction project, bringing resources and technology to the Huzhou base heterojunction project Multi-faceted support will also help Akcome Technology to recover some of its cash, improve the company’s financial structure, and enhance the company’s ability to resist risks. At the same time, this strategic investment will help Zhejiang Akcome Optoelectronics optimize the shareholder structure, promote further cooperation between the two companies, create a model of mixed ownership cooperation in the new energy industry, and enhance the company’s competitiveness in the industry.

Akcome Technology said that after joining hands with Zheneng Power, the company will continue to increase the manufacturing of high-efficiency component batteries in the future, promote the development of heterojunction technology, further upgrade the solar cell production line, and win the market with service, quality and differentiated products. The market predicts that the company’s heterojunction solar cell capacity will reach 4GW by the end of 2021, and it will become the world’s largest heterojunction manufacturer.

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