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Amur gas treatment plant project in Russia was successfully put into production

The AGPP Amur Gas Plant Project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Russian Far East and the source project of the China-Russia Eastern Front. It is designed to process 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually and produce 10,000 tons of commodity helium.

The project is located in the free city of Amur gas Oblast on the southern part of the Far East of Russia and China. The construction cycle is eight years and is divided into five phases. After the project is fully completed, it will become one of the largest natural gas treatment plants in the world. The first production line put into production this time has an annual output of 7 billion cubic meters of commodity gas.

In April 2017, Engineering Construction Company signed an EPC contract with NIPIGAS of Russia for the P2 bidding section (non-patental unit) of the AGPP project, which is also the first project of the engineering construction company to enter the Russian market.

Facing different project organization models from previous projects, as well as challenges and influences such as extreme cold weather environment, COVID-19 epidemic, the project management team of the engineering construction company innovates the international management model, increased management, support and service from design, procurement, construction and other aspects, and increased construction technology in extreme cold weather environment. Research and solve key problems, together with more than 8,000 project builders, we will make every effort to promote the realization of the goal of project construction nodes.

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