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Apple iPhone production at Foxconn limited until end of 2022

According to insiders, the Apple supplier Foxconn will not fully get the consequences of the Chinese corona policy under control before Christmas 2022 “Apple iPhone production”.

The world’s largest Apple iPhone production factory in Zhengzhou will only be able to fully resume production between late December and early January, Reuters news agency quoted a person familiar with the matter as saying.

Foxconn is working with local authorities to recruit new employees, but there are still many uncertainties. Foxconn initially declined a request for comment from Reuters.

Apple iPhone production recently announced that due to the reduction of Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory production capacity, the shipment of its mobile phone products will be lower than expected, causing market controversy.

Previously, media reported that iPhone sales have declined, and in order to avoid over dependence on China’s production capacity, Apple has shifted some of its industrial chain to India and Vietnam over the years.

Against this background, the change in the business model of multinational enterprises represented by Apple has aroused public attention and reflection.

In fact, except for economic data, all data and experience show that hiring workers with long working hours, high labor intensity and low wages in China and other postdevor countries to produce goods contributes greatly to the profits of Apple and other Western companies. But in economic data and in the minds of economists, this contribution has been erased.

Apple iPhone production

John Smith further pointed out that ultra-low wages are not the only factor that attract profit-hungry Western companies, and the flexibility of workers and the intensity of their work they can afford are also important factors.

A report in The New York Times pointed out that Apple iPhone production only redesigned the iPhone screen at the last minute, so the production line had to completely refurbish the product, causing Chinese factories to start 12 hours of shifts at midnight. This is also a strong refutation of the economic conclusion that the low wages of the southern countries reflect their low productivity levels.

His social welfare and a large number of benefits in developed countries are actually based on the pressure of workers from developing countries. Workers produce as much as before, but earn less. This makes them more “capital productive” than ever before, but value-added data believe that their productivity is declining.

Because the mainstream concept of productivity adheres to the sameness of price and value, “value plundering” is mistaken for “value appreciation”.

Therefore, GDP statistics gradually deviate from the objective goal of “approximating a country’s production roughly accurately” and instead become a barrier, covering up the growing parasitic and exploitative relationship between the capital of the northern countries and the active labor of the countries of the South.

It is reported that due to the output impact of some recent problems in Zhengzhou Foxconn, Apple iPhone production largest foundry, foreign media predict that the iPhone series may usher in a wave of third-party price increases.

According to data released by third-party institutions, 90% of the world’s Apple iPhone production are made in China, of which Zhengzhou Foxconn accounts for 80% of the production, which is a complete Apple iPhone production center.

Apple iPhone production

This year’s iPhone14 Pro is Apple’s most stable series in recent years. The reason is very simple, because it is still out of stock until now, and the official website will have to wait for two or three weeks to deliver the goods.

Although Apple’s official website will not raise the price of the iPhone14 series, the third party will increase the price, or increase the price due to the reduced supply of goods.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the Apple iPhone production iPhone14 Pro family will not solve the capacity problem so quickly, which also means that the price of iPhone14 Pro will remain strong until the capacity keeps up.

The European Union is ready to attack Apple again.

Everyone should know that because of the new EU regulations, a large number of Apple products are now forced to use USB-C interfaces, abandoning Apple’s profitable Lightning interface, and subsequent iPhones will be used soon.

The European Union does not seem to intend to let Apple go. Recently, it is reported that the European Union is preparing to set new regulations to force Apple to open the App Store so that users can freely download apps.

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