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BAPV and BIPV solar power generation projects, Dongfang Yuhong And JA Tech Cooperate To Promote

Yuhong (002271. SZ) related to (BAPV And BIPV) issued an announcement that JA Solar and the company recently signed a “strategic cooperation agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “the agreement”), and the two parties aim to integrate photovoltaic roofs Achieve a full range of in-depth cooperation in the field.

Jointly promote the “BAPV” and “BIPV” photovoltaic power generation projects across China , and at the same time, in the business channels under the jurisdiction of the two parties, the repair, reinforcement, and renovation projects of various types of buildings are included. , Special equipment survey technical consulting service matters and the resulting repair material supply and construction projects are cooperated to jointly create a win-win and sustainable development strategic partnership.

Oriental Yuhong stated that the company has established a sustainable development strategic partnership with JA Solar this time to further promote the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation , fully implement national strategies such as green buildings, green building materials, and energy-saving buildings, and promote the construction sector. The green and low-carbon transition will help achieve the national “dual carbon” goal of peaking carbon and carbon neutrality.

According to the agreement, the two parties will share market sales channels to jointly promote the sales of photovoltaic modules , TPO photovoltaic integration, photovoltaic waterproofing renovation of existing buildings, and market expansion in the repair of existing buildings. This move is conducive to the company’s business expansion in the photovoltaic field and enhance the product market Competitiveness.

The popularization and application of photovoltaic power generation systems may drive a large number of existing building photovoltaic waterproofing transformation and new building waterproofing market demand, house repair and urban facility structure renewal will also promote the further increase in the demand for new green building materials, hope to further increase through this cooperation Enhancing the company’s market share and development space will lay a solid foundation for the company’s future sustainable and stable development, which is in the interest of all shareholders of the company.

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