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Dayu Semiconductor rapid complete nearly 100 million yuan in financing, adding more AIoT chips

Dayu semiconductors, a chip design company focusing on AIoT chips and solutions, announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan . 

Dayu Semiconductor round of financing was led by Wen Capital, followed by Huaqiang Venture Capital, and the old shareholder Lanpu Capital continued to increase. This round of financing will further support Dayu Semiconductor to accelerate product upgrades on AIoT chips, deepen its technological layout, and expand market share.

Dayu Semiconductor is one of the few high-tech companies in the world that has the capability of large-scale SoC design, system software research and development, and modem communication capabilities at the same time . It has very rich experience in chip mass production and productization.

Bringing together top experts from motorcycles, Ericsson, AMD, Samsung and other companies, using years of accumulated industry experience to create a number of world-leading innovative products.

The company has only been established for more than two years and has laid out multiple tracks in the field of AI and IoT. In just two years, it has achieved revenue of more than 100 million yuan, and it is expected to achieve profitability this year. At present, Dayu Semiconductor has achieved large-scale revenue in IoT chips, AI chips and peer-to-peer communication product lines. 

Especially the launch of Dayu U2, an ultra-low-power TWS headset chip . With its excellent performance and innovative design, since its release at the World Semiconductor Conference in June this year, it has received extensive attention from the market and customers and has become a Dayu. Another star product in the rapid development of semiconductors.

Dayu semiconductors

The Dayu team has a unique understanding of productization, and takes “follow the core and empower applications” as the company’s core concept. In the early stage of chip design, the goal is to help end customers develop flagship products, which is highly recognized by early customers and investors .

Zhu Ling , the founder and CEO of Dayu Semiconductor, said that Dayu Semiconductor chose to start a business in the AIoT field. The team views this track in this way:

Dayu direction comes from the team’s insight and understanding of the AIoT application market, and the way it plays depends on the team’s genes and technological innovation capabilities.

The AIoT market is very large. Looking back at the development of the entire electronics and communications industry, we believe that “application vertical integration” is an inevitable choice in this field. The Internet of Things market is very divergent, and no single chip can take all application markets. 

Then vertical integration and customization for a class of applications is the only way for IoT chips. From the perspective of IoT applications, for the power consumption, cost, volume and product efficiency of the whole machine, SoC-based IoT chips are the optimal solution;

On the other hand, AIoT solves the problem of interconnection and interoperability of things. Things are diversified, and the communication methods needed by things are also diversified: some require public network connection, some require interconnection between devices, and some also need to design private protocols for specific applications, such as Apple’s AirPods , This requires very high communication capabilities.

And SoC design and communication are exactly what our team is best at Dayu’s ability to make a TWS headset chip that surpasses the performance and power consumption of App leW1 is due to the deep accumulation of the team. We have made mobile phone SoCs and five-mode modems. Applying these experiences to IoT applications can achieve technological breakthroughs in many latitudes. I believe that in the future, the evolution of AIoT chips will bring more surprises to this field. “

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