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The US Department of Energy may purchase Nvidia super computers: due to delays in delivery of Intel equipment

Important laboratory of the US Department of Energy wanted to buy Intel The super computer has been postponed for several months, so they are about to reach an agreement to buy one with Nvidia Super Computers for chip manufacturing.

  Nvidia Super Computers made with NVIDIA and AMD chips is called Polaris, and it will replace the Aurora based on Intel chips.“The Aurora supercomputer serves the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. When Aurora was announced in 2019, it was the fastest supercomputer in the United States.

  People familiar with the matter said that Aurora will go online this year and it will become a test machine so that Argonne can prepare software for the Intel super computer.

  A spokesperson for Argonne Labs has not yet commented on this, and spokespersons for AMD and Nvidia also declined to respond.

Intel, AMD and Nvidia are all competing for market share in data center chips. The US supercomputer mainly serves researchers in medical, climate and other fields, and it also conducts virtual tests for the country’s nuclear weapons.

Nvidia Super Computers

  The key technologies of such systems are often used in commercial data centers in subsequent years, giving chip companies that win contracts an advantage. “Nvidia Super Computers”

  When Aurora first announced it, Intel and Argonne both stated that the supercomputer will be delivered in 2021, but Intel has yet to deliver two important chips, Ponte Vecchio and Sapphire Rapids. Intel said in June that Sapphire Rapids will not go into production until 2022. A company spokesperson revealed on Tuesday that they will still work hard to deliver the Aurora supercomputer in 2022.

  This $500 million contract requires Intel and its partners to deliver a supercomputing with so-called exaflop computing performance, which can perform tens of billions of floating point calculations per second. But now, the first exascale Nvidia Super Computers in the United States may become another device in another laboratory — it comes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and is built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise using AMD chips. It will be launched this evening. Delivered later.

  People familiar with the matter said that the performance of Polaris is not as good as Aurora. It will be developed based on Nvidia’s A100 chip and AMD’s Rome and Milan chips. Although some exaflop calculations can be performed, this speed cannot be achieved most of the time.

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