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EU releases new Arctic strategy 2021 will push for an end to the exploitation of Arctic gas, oil and coal

European Commission issued a new Arctic strategy, which will end oil and gas exploration in the area and set up an office in Greenland.

According to Arctic strategy draft policy, the EU hopes to strengthen its ties with the Arctic to ensure that it can obtain key rare earth elements in the region, and will work to persuade partner countries to agree to end oil and gas exploration in the region and seek “multilateral legal obligations, no Further development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic or adjacent areas is allowed, and such hydrocarbons are not allowed to be purchased.” 

EU will also seek to strengthen economic, educational and research links with Greenland, “establishing an office of the European Commission in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, to strengthen cooperation between the EU and Greenland.”

Arctic strategy - Arctic oil and gas

European Union will issue a strategy this week calling for the cessation of the exploitation of fossil fuels in the Arctic so that EU countries can achieve the Paris Agreement climate goals and curb global warming.

Arctic strategy calls for expanding restrictions on the extraction of fossil fuels in the United States, Canada, and Greenland, and emphasizes the establishment of a resilient EU value chain through sustainable raw material extraction and processing, which will help the Arctic to achieve sustainability through innovation and recycling develop.

Will EU success when it related to Arctic oil and gas? will COP26 help ?

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