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fuel crisis in UK continues, 10% of gas stations in southeastern England are still exhausted.

Fuel Crisis In UK : considerable fuel shortage since last month due to soaring gasoline prices and the small number of truck drivers.

According to the Daily Telegraph on the 12th about Fuel Crisis In UK, the British Gasoline Retailers Association said on the same day that at least 10% of gas stations in London and southeast England were still depleted.

Brian Madderson, president of the industry association, said that the situation in London and the southeast remained serious; most retailers remained worried that they did not know when they would receive fuel.

Fuel Crisis In UK

British media reported that some gas stations in the UK lined up, and many drivers made panic buying in the face of rising prices. At the same time, fuel stocks have fallen sharply, and due to the lack of gasoline and diesel, British oil and gas companies have even to close some of their factories across the country.

Last week, European natural gas futures prices set a new record, exceeding $1900 (about 122252) per 1000 cubic meters, and then fell by $740 (about 4772). At present, the price of natural gas in Europe is temporarily stable at about $11198

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