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Harbin Electric Wind Energy Capital Increase 700M

700 million yuan increase Harbin Electric Power transforms and increases wind power equipment

Harbin Electric, China’s earliest power equipment enterprise, has made great contributions to the field of energy and equipment in China. However, due to location, the development rate has slowed down in the past two decades, but on the road of transformation.

Harbin Electric Power has made important decisions to bring the top five winds in China. Xiangdian Wind Energy, a manufacturer of electric mainframes, has taken drastic actions against the original Xiangdian Wind Energy in just a few months. Not long ago, it began to recruit talents from the general manager to the deputy general manager in charge. Just a few days ago, Harbin Electric Power Group and Hunan Xingxiang Asset Management Co., Ltd. 

Harbin Electric new registered capital of 700 million yuan has been fully paid in place (the registered capital has increased to 4.267 billion yuan). It has to be said that central enterprises have never been soft-handed and dare to think and do things in the wind power industry such as Harbin Electric.

Up to now, Harbin Electric Wind Energy still ranks among the top six in China in terms of installed scale. Harbin Electric is a leading enterprise in the R&D and manufacturing of wind power equipment in China and one of the important wind power equipment manufacturing bases. Harbin Electric is also one of the wind power equipment enterprises of central enterprises, sea and land. This time, Harbin Electric Power’s capital increase and equity expansion fully shows Harbin Electric Power’s strong determination to continue to grow bigger and stronger in the wind power equipment industry in the future.

Accumulated: 4.5MW land model is late “Harbin Electric”

According to the latest announcement from the industry media, in recent days, the first 4.5MW unit of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Aerodyn platform was successfully connected to the grid to generate electricity at the Zhangbei Test Base of the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences. Although this news came a little late, it finally came, adding a new choice to China’s large-capacity land fan.

Let’s not talk about the model. As far as Taiyuan Heavy Industry itself is concerned, its heavy equipment manufacturing gene can be said to be deeply rooted, but the history of wind power is not long. As a subsidiary of Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Taiyuan Heavy Industry New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a department specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of wind power hosts.

It has a registered capital of 1 billion yuan in 15 years. It is also a well-sounding state-owned enterprise. In addition to its institutional problems and regional disadvantages, its development has not been very smooth, but since the past two years, it has also begun to calm down and start the research and development of wind power. Although the 4.5MW is slow this time, as long as state-owned enterprises work hard, their stamina cannot be ignored.

From the introduction, this 4.5 model is the first model jointly developed with Aerodyn in Germany, and the blade specifications will be increased in the future to adapt to medium and low wind speeds, that is to say, this is only the beginning. It should be pointed out that the model especially introduces the convenience of transportation and hoisting, the cabin splitting, overall transportation and hoisting, and reducing construction costs, which is also a trend direction for large models at present.

The attack of “transformation and freshmen” has become one of the important directions of Taizhong in the future. Taihe has given unprecedented support to new energy companies in terms of capital, policies and other aspects. This Harbin Electric 4.5MW prototype has been successfully hoisted and connected to the grid from the formulation of component technical agreements, procurement, construction and design of all mechanical and electrical drawings in the factory. The electricity lasted for 10 months. It should be said that the progress is not slow, and it will continue to be promoted 5. The XMW, 8.0MW and 10.0MW projects will go into the sea quickly.

Cooperation between central enterprises: the advantages of late issuance are unlimited

On the afternoon of August 6, Li Yilun, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Guanghe Group Co., Ltd., Executive Director, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Guanghe New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., met with Yu Weiping, visiting vice president of China CRRC Co., Ltd., and his delegation in Beijing. The two sides focused on industry development, scientific and technological innovation, Shenzhen Exchanges in chemical cooperation and other aspects.

Obviously, this is an extraordinary high-level visit. Judging from the leaders of the discussion between manufacturers on both sides, this time is Shandong CRRC as the theme, with Lv Chao, chairman of wind power, and Li Baoming, general manager. According to the information disclosure of the China Broadcast Nuclear New Energy Official Account, Li Yilun, deputy general manager of China Broadcast Nuclear and executive director of China Broadcast Nuclear New Energy, said that CRRC and China Broadcast Nuclear, as two business cards for central enterprises to “go global”, have played an important role in their respective fields.

Harbin Electric

Zhongguang Nuclear New Energy practices the “strict and meticulous” work style of China Broadcast Nuclear Power, has rich experience in the planning of large new energy bases, and is very willing to cooperate more widely with central enterprises such as CRRC. It is suggested that the two sides should combine their respective “14th Five-Year Plan” goals, give full play to their respective advantages, serve the “two integration” goals in accordance with the deployment requirements of SASAC, find opportunities to deepen cooperation, establish a practical working mechanism, and plan the construction of a new energy base, share risks and win-win cooperation. In particular, a sentence was added to the last news: Li Yilun made arrangements for the follow-up specific work compare Harbin Electric !

Shandong CRRC Wind Power is actually a fourth-level subsidiary of CRRC. It is a subsidiary of Shandong CRRC Qiche Group, a subsidiary of CRRC. It is one of the few wind power equipment companies with two industries, mainframe and tower barrel. In the past, its development has been tepid, but with the gradual slowdown of CRRC’s high-speed rail and railway business, Guozhongche has taken the new energy equipment business as one of its core businesses. Judging from Yu Weiping, vice president of its large group, personally leading a team to visit China Broadcast Nuclear, the importance CRRC Group attaches to the wind power business can be seen, look Harbin Electric.

Upgraded to a secondary company: National Energy increases new energy equipment “Harbin Electric”

April this year: Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guodian Kehuan, a former subsidiary of National Energy, was upgraded to a secondary company under the National Energy Group, and soon changed coach, including the chairman and general manager. You should know that United Power used to be one of the top three wind power equipment enterprises in China, and also one of the few enterprises in the whole industrial chain (part of which are within the National Energy Group). It has suddenly changed from grandchildren to sons, which fully shows the importance that the National Energy Group attaches to United Power.

United Power is a wind power whole machine manufacturer of the former Guodian Group and now the National Energy Group (combined and merged by Guodian Group and Shenhua Group). For some reasons, the market share of United Power has gradually shrunk and its ranking has declined: since 2016, United Power, which has fallen to fourth place for four consecutive years, and to 8th and 10th in 2019 and 2020 respectively. The decline is gradually emerging, which may also be a slight inadequacy of market behavior before Union Power in the protectionist market competition situation within Guodian Group, but this does not mean that the future of United Power is slim.

In the sequence of state-owned enterprises of central enterprises, wind power equipment has been upgraded to a second-level subsidiary, and joint power is absolutely the only one. From this point, we can know the importance the group attaches to joint power. It is understood that in the next few months, the national energy group will also increase its capital to joint power. The specific scale is not clear, but it will definitely not be lower than Harbin Electric Wind Energy. Size. From Qicha, Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2007, with a registered capital of only 313 million yuan, which is indeed small in the industry.

State-owned enterprises and central enterprises: the main military enterprises in the wind power equipment industry in the future

Let’s take a look at other state-owned central enterprises, Shanghai Electric, Oriental Electric, China Haizhuang, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute and Yunda Co., Ltd., two are listed companies, two are subsidiaries of listed companies (Dongfang Wind Power, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute), and one has completed the stock reform (Haizhuang), and the first two are pointed to the first echelon targets. “Harbin Electric”

In addition, the wind power equipment enterprises of four and nine state-owned enterprises introduced today, whether it is the three major power enterprises that are already in the forefront, or the later local state-owned enterprises and CRRC central enterprises, have been focusing on the trend of new energy development in the energy transformation and upgrading. Although it seems to be a little crazy leap forward at present, the actual results show that The development of wind power is still beyond the understanding of our industry itself, and the installed capacity in the first half of the year has told us the result.

Wind Power Industry

Central enterprises and state-owned enterprises used to be the backbone of national industry. Today and in the future, the main force of wind power should also be central enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

Of course, our central enterprises and state-owned enterprises should fully recognize the full competitive situation in the wind power equipment industry, how to learn from private enterprises, give full play to their own advantages, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. You should know, The main reason is that if central enterprises and state-owned enterprises want to do it, there is nothing that can’t be done. I think everyone in the industry is very clear about their advantages.

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