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Huawei chip technology progress may make greater breakthroughs in the field of domestic chips 2021

With the continuous development and progress of science and Huawei chip technology, the director of the research institute of Saidi Think Tank revealed that it is expected that by the end of this year, domestic nanochips can achieve large-scale mass production, which is undoubtedly a sedative to the problem of shortage of supply in today’s chip market, and domestic 14 nanochips are also expected to achieve mass production next year. .

Huawei chip technology: The mass production of domestic chips is great news for Huawei, which is now in the problem of chip shortage. Due to the pressure exerted on Huawei by various factors such as foreign markets, Huawei’s self-made Kirin chips cannot obtain the support of production technologies and tools. Mass production of domestic chips can effectively break such difficulties. Domestic technology and domestic chips will also move to a new stage of development with the realization of mass production goals.

At present, Huawei has obtained two patents. It has not only built its own wafer factory and provided technical and tool support for the mass production of domestic chips, but also disclosed chip-related patents to the public, which can improve the heat dissipation capacity of chips through science and technology. In addition, there are also patents of “double-core superposition”, that is, through two pieces of 14.

The superposition of nm chips realizes the function of 7nm chips and the upgrading of 14nm chips to “pseudo-7nm” chips. However, this approach will also bring about chip power consumption and heat dissipation, and the former chip heat dissipation patent plays a role in this practice, thus truly realizing the possibility of mass production of “pseudo-7nm” chips.

The degree of scientific and technological development is an appearance of a country’s comprehensive national strength, scientific research ability and independent research and development ability. Although the chip is small, its development degree is to measure the technical standards and scientific and technological development degree of relevant enterprises. Once China once lagged behind foreign countries in chip production and manufacturing, but with continuous development and With the progress of Huawei chip technology and China’s science and technology, China will make new breakthroughs and achievements in the field of chips.

Huawei chip technology Mass production is also the first step in the development of chip technology, which can help China’s electronic technology-related enterprises solve the problem of insufficient chip supply. Under the background of the times, it produces what enterprises need, cost-effective and better quality. The domestic chip strives to achieve China’s goal of 70% self-sufficiency in domestic chips by 2025, which is not only the effort of an enterprise, but also the result of the joint creation and progress of many state-owned enterprises.

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