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Kazakhstan first self lifting rig “Success” was launched

According to the release of Kazakhstan’s State Oil and Gas Company, the launching ceremony of Kazakhstan’s first self lifting rig drilling platform “Success” was held at the offshore logistics base of Caspian Sea Drilling Co., Ltd. (CDC) on the same day.

Duisaliev, general manager of the oil division of Harbin Oil and Gas Company, said that the launch of the self lifting rig of the “Success” is a historic event in the Harbin oil and gas market.

Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Company cooperates with Caspian Sea Drilling Company and BP, which can not only introduce advanced international experience, but also help to improve the competitiveness of the Harbin oil service market and provide high-quality services in accordance with international standards.

It is reported that the transformation of the “Success” rig was completed in June 2021, with a displacement from 453 tons to 680 tons and a maximum drilling depth of more than 6,000 meters.

The rig will be put into operation in the shallow water area of the Abu Shalon Peninsula in the sea area of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea. The operating company is BP Abu Sharon Company.” Success self lifting rig is the first rig built in full accordance with international standards in Kazakhstan.

Previously, the Kazakhstan National Oil and Gas Company signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement with the Azerbaijan State Petroleum Corporation, stipulating that the two sides will jointly use the rig. The rig “Success” is owned by KMG Drilling & Services LLP and is managed by Caspian Drilling Company.

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