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Ocean Engineering Company Makes New Breakthrough in Construction Technology and Technology of Deepwater Super Large Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities 2021

Winning the bid for Asia’s third Technology of Deepwater duct frame project

Offshore Engineering Division of Offshore Engineering Company “Technology of Deepwater” received a tender for the Lufeng 12-3WHP duct frame construction project of China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. The vertical height of the catheter frame is 253 meters, and the total weight is more than 30,000 tons. The construction process will fully implement international standards. It is the first technology of deepwater duct frame project of PetroChina and the third in Asia. The winning bid of this project has greatly increased the performance level of the conduit frame of the marine engineering division from 40 meters to 253 meters, marking a new breakthrough in the construction technology and technology of deepwater super-large offshore oil and gas facility.

Located in the Pearl River Estuary of the South China Sea, the Lufeng 12-3 project is jointly developed by China National Offshore Petroleum Corporation and South Korea SK Aiskai New Technology Co., Ltd. It is an important project for China’s offshore oil and gas storage and production. After learning the project information, the marine engineering department took the initiative to communicate actively with the owner. On April 6, the owner explicitly refused to cooperate with the marine engineering department because of questioning the bearing capacity of the slide and deep water performance.

In the face of doubts, on the one hand, the Offshore Engineering Division continued to communicate with the owners, on the other hand, innovated thinking and explored the internal potential. In less than a month, it successfully solved the management, technology and technological problems existing in the project, and finally successfully won the bid.

Conceptual innovation control direction. The receipt of the rejected cooperation letter did not make the marine engineering division shrink back. The business department has successfully implemented the second-line Hong Kong branch submarine pipeline project, Yamal LNG project and other national key projects and the Belt and Road Initiative key projects. The new leadership team reached a consensus as early as the beginning of its establishment. It is the only way to achieve high-quality development and return to the international marine market. No matter how difficult this threshold is, it must be crossed.

Thinking innovation wins opportunities “Technology of Deepwater “.

The business department finds gaps and fills for shortcomings. In response to the problems raised by the owner, it grasps the key links such as the bearing capacity of the slideway and the construction plan, and organizes technicians to solve the key problems overnight. After 5 rounds of calculation and 2 rounds of verification, the maximum force point of the project on the marine site is determined first. At the same time, the original design unit of the site is invited to analyze the bearing capacity of the pile foundation to demonstrate that the bearing capacity of its design can fully meet the requirements of the project. In the process of compiling technical plans, the technical backbone is widely mobilized to carry out “brainstorming”, and external technical experts are invited to have in-depth exchanges, innovative thinking and repeated demonstrations. After more than 20 rounds of discussions, more than 10 effective countermeasures and methods for more than 10 problems such as spatial measurement and control network and large wall thickness variable diameter welding have been successfully found. On this basis, the overall plan has been optimized seven times. At the same time, the main leaders of the company led a team to the owner’s company to communicate, dispelling the owner’s doubts and regained the opportunity to trust and participate in the project bidding.

Management innovation improves ability. Change the previous organizational model of “management level, long management link”, implement block management of the company, merge the two branches of construction and installation and metal structure manufacturing, form a unified main force of marine construction and installation, reduce the management interface, let the personnel, equipment and production process flow, and greatly reduce costs; Positional support center, centralized management of large equipment and machinery, maximum possible expansion of supplier number, repeated competition, resource sharing, improvement of ergonomic efficiency, clearing obstacles to the improvement of project management capacity.

Technological innovation has been reborn. Through a series of technological innovations and innovations, scientific and technicians have successfully solved 10 technical problems such as lifting operation control capacity from 40 meters to nearly 100 meters, and the construction capacity of wellhead base plate from 3 to 8 floors. At the same time, they have formed ultra-high catheter frame scaffolding technology and large diameter thick plate steel. 7 key complete technologies, such as long process technology of pipe coiling, prefabricated installation technology of large-scale pipe rack skirt sleeve. In terms of technology, according to the characteristics of excessive use of large-scale machinery, the process and order of hoisting are carefully studied, practical deductions, creatively planned the entry and exit time of track cranes, effectively accurate mechanical use shifts to hours, greatly reducing the use time and cost of 1,250-ton and 750-ton track cranes. .

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