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What is the opportunity for the meta universe sector to rise 42.0% in 2022? Insider

Yuan Universe Concept Stocks were extremely active. In the wave of A-share meta universe sector boom, on the one hand, listed companies issued announcements one after another and the meta universe sector became a catalyst for stock prices

On the other hand, the regulatory department asking companies to explain the relevance and layout of the concept of the business meta universe sector.

According to Choice data, as of the close of December 31, if the companies listed in 2021 are excluded, the A-share Cosmos sector rose by 42.0%. Excluding the companies listed in 2021, the intra-sector increase is 33.6%. In addition, the meta-cosmic plate index rose to 176.34 all the way.

30% of individual stocks rose by more than 50% this year

According to the statistics of Blockchain Daily, the best performer in the Yuan Universe sector in 2021 was Sichuan Network Media (300987. SZ), the increase was as high as 471.4% this year. The second is Huali Technology (301011). SZ), an increase of 323.9%.

It is worth noting that these two stocks are listed in 2021, and the starting dates are May 11 and June 17, 2021.

Chuanwang Media launched a virtual IP to build the outlet of the meta universe sector, while Huali Technology does not have substantive business in the meta universe sector. It has only claimed many times that the company has a certain first-mover advantage in virtual scenes and amusement experiences such as meta universe sector games.

For capital, the meta universe sector is a new huge market that is rising. Listed companies with stock prices increased by more than 100% at the end of 2021 compared with the beginning of the year also include Zhongqingbao, Jiachuang Video, Gongda Electroacoustic, Lianchuang Electronics, Tianshen Entertainment and Hengxin Oriental.

The reporter sorted out and found that among the nearly 90 meta universe sector concept stocks, many companies still do not have meta universe sector related technologies or products, or the meta universe sector project has not been implemented.

The Meta Universe Sector

However, this does not affect capital speculation. The stock prices of companies such as Fengyuzhu, Pingzhi Information and Shengtian Network, which have not yet taken specific actions in the field of meta-university or have a worrying revenue capacity in meta universe sector related businesses, still performed well, with an increase of 73.6%, 54.2% and 36.3% respectively during the year.

But for these listed companies that join the meta universe sector concept stocks, they must prove that their business is feasible and supported by the funds, needed technology and talents for a certain period of time, otherwise they may face fluctuations.

An industry insider told reporters that under the popular concept of “Yuan Universe”, stocks are vulnerable to funds and stimulate stock price performance in the short term. For some stocks that are not real concept stocks but rubbing hot spots, it is often inevitable that their stock prices will fall sharply after the market speculation trend changes.

According to Choice data, the stock prices of 22 meta universe sector concept stocks showed a downward trend in 2021. Among them, ArcSoft Technology (688088. SH) is the one with the highest decline, reaching 36.6%. The decline of more than 20% also includes Capital Online, Perfect World, Ophelia Light, Huichang Communication, Lansi Technology, Qianfang Technology and Mango Supermedia.

There is obvious intraplate differentiation.

From the perspective of the whole industry, there are many listed companies competing for the food meta universe sector market at present. The meta-university concept unit mainly focuses on computer software and services, electronic components, communication industry, cultural media and other fields.

Cheng Shi, chief economist and managing director of ICBC International, once said that compared with the Roundhill Ball Meta Index of the overseas meta universe sector index, A-share investors are fully exploring the targets of all links in the industrial chain.

He pointed out that on the one hand, Ballmeta can be used as a precursor indicator for the launch of the A-share universe market, and on the other hand, the topics deeply explored by A-share investors may become a lesson for overseas markets.

It belongs to the subdivision of electronic components. Many listed companies with product layouts in VR/AR and other fields basically increased by more than 50% in 2021. Among them, Guoguang Electric Appliances rose 72% this year, Riyadh rose 61.6%, Crystal Optoelectronics rose 52.5%, and Changxin Technology rose 51.3%.

The stock prices of the two representative stocks in the field of cultural media, Blue Cursor and Mango Supermedia, showed the opposite trend. The former rose by 80.6% before 2021, and the latter fell 20.9% this year. The power points of the two sides to “enter” the meta universe are mainly on virtual people, which are virtual live broadcast and virtual host business respectively.

Generally speaking, all subdivisions in the plate have gained good performance after the birth of the concept of “Yuan Universe” in 2021. In addition to the VR/AR-related companies mentioned above, game companies such as Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat also ushered in a sharp rise in stock prices, with 252.7% and 74.0% respectively during the year.

Meta Universe sector

Outlook 2022

At the end of 2021, the meta universe sector ushered in multiple benefits on the news.

On the one hand, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Economic Work Conference held on December 21 mentioned that enterprises should be guided to step up the study of an important platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and to lay out the layout in time. This is regarded as the first positive policy statement of local governments on the development of the meta universe sector.

On December 30, the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai Electronic Information Industry”, which once again pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology basic capabilities of the Yuan Universe, promote the development of new terminals and systematic virtual content construction to deepen perception interaction, and explore Industry applications.

On the other hand, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission published an article entitled “How the Meta Universe Rewrites Human Social Life” on December 23, pointing out that rationally looking at the new round of technological revolution brought about by the Meta Universe and its impact on society does not underestimate the opportunity of 5-10 years, nor overestimate the evolutionary changes in 1-2 years.

Judging from the meta universe related research reports released by many securities companies, they all emphasize the risk factors in investment proposals, including uncertainty in the risk of public opinion bubbles, economic risks, and policy supervision.

CITIC Securities believes that the meta universe sector is the digital survival of mankind in the future, which will have a far-reaching impact on society and bring great industrial ultimate opportunities. In the process of gradual development, we will continue to see the emergence and integration of single-point innovation in all aspects, constantly approach the ultimate meta universe, and continue to bring investment opportunities.

In the meta universe sector in 2022, it is foreseeable that there will continue to be capital inflows and layouts, the market will be more subdivided, and investment institutions will enter more projects.

The research report recently released by Southwest Securities also pointed out that the meta-universe mainly contains three main lines of development (hardware + network + content); the three main lines may complement each other, promote each other’s industrial upgrading, presenting a spiral rise of “technology + network + content”; at the same time, in this process, there will be a high probability. Replicate various types of investment opportunities similar to the beginning of the mobile Internet era.

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