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Prime Minister of Israel will visit USA to meet with Biden, Rapid first meeting since he took office

Prime Minister Of Israel Will Visit USA : White House Press Secretary Psaki said that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will meet with U.S. President Biden at the White House on August 26. 

Psaki said that the two leaders will discuss Iran and other issues. Prime Minister Of Israel will Visit USA first meeting with Biden after taking office.

It’s expected they will discuss other hot points such as:

1- The new Middle East Alliance (Egypt, Turkey, Gulf countries and Israel) to face Iran.

2- GRED issue Egypt-Sudan-Ethiopia

3- Gaza and Lebanon

Situation is very fragile in Middle East and Egypt warn the world many times about all points before any serious instability start.

It’s Known that Egypt invites Naftali Bennett to visit Egypt also U.A.E. start connect Turkey and Egypt to solve residual issues.

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