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Quantum Computing of the 3 Kingdoms World Tide of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Quantum Computing computers will surpass traditional computers in new drug research and development and password cracking, and have a huge impact on industry and national security strategies, attracting the high attention of governments. The United States, China, Japan and other countries have begun to make efforts.

Quantum Computing : Pan Jianwei’s team at the University of Science and Technology of China published a Quantum Computing paper on the preprinted website arXiv, saying that the “Zu Chongzhi” can complete the task of the world’s strongest supercomputer in 8 years in a minimum of 1.2 hours; Google hopes to develop the first commercial quantum by 2029. Computers; in May, the Japanese government announced plans to establish a quantum research group in cooperation with about 50 Japanese companies such as Toshiba, Nippon Electric and Fujitsu to promote the development of quantum technology.

Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing

Who leads the field of Quantum Computing research and development in the Three Kingdoms?

The market potential is sufficient and strategic.

Quantum computers perform some large-scale computing much faster than the best traditional computers, and can “play their skills” in cryptography, big data optimization, weather forecasting, drug analysis and other fields.

The Japan Economic News reported on July 6 that if epoch-making batteries and drugs are developed with the help of quantum computers, it will benefit all mankind. At a higher level, quantum computers are expected to crack network passwords, thus affecting security, and countries that master quantum technology will take the lead in the high-tech field.

According to Boston Consulting Company, Quantum Computing computers are expected to generate $850 billion in profits by 2050. Japan’s website Design News also pointed out in a report on July 6 that the quantum computer market is expected to be worth $1 trillion over the next 30 years.

United States: Commercial quantum computers were developed in 2029

It is the potential and “financial” energy of quantum computers that make governments, enterprises and scientists “race to lose”.

Google announced its advancing quantum computer development plan in May this year, with the goal of developing the first commercial quantum computer by 2029.

In fact, as early as 2019, Google used its 53-quantum-bit quantum computer “Suspension” to solve the problem that the most cutting-edge supercomputer “Summit” took 10,000 years to solve in 200 seconds, and successfully achieved the breakthrough progress of “quantum hegemony” – “Quantum” Hegemony is used to mean that “after the storage and communication bandwidth increase exponentially, quantum computers have capabilities that traditional supercomputers do not have”.

Google is thinking about “a quantum computer as a general product”, which they hope to solve the problems that existing computers can do nothing about, such as helping to develop new materials to combat climate change and drugs to suppress global pandemics.

To solve the envisaged problem, the number of quantum bits is far from enough now. Google plans to increase the number of Quantum Computing bits to 1 million, and will also solve the biggest problem of computational errors. But adding quantum bits means that it is more difficult to wiring and control computers, so large-scale technological innovation is needed. For this reason, Google has set up a new research and development base in California.

According to Science magazine, IBM said last September that it would build a quantum computer containing 1,000 quantum bits by 2023, while improving fault tolerance.

At the national level, in 2018, the United States finalized its national strategy in the field of quantum information science centered on quantum computers, and implemented the National Quantum Initiative Act, which has invested up to $1.3 billion in five years.

Quantum Computing in a war now as many other things …

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