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Solar monthly market value rises to 18.94 cents in June

The Solar monthly market value rose again in June 2022, without reaching the record level from March.

As can be seen from the data from the transmission system operators, it was 18.94 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh).

In April it was 14.566 cents and in May 15.132 cents. The reason for the plus in June was the significant increase in the spot market prices for electricity on the exchange. Only in March were prices even higher. At that time, the Solar monthly market value had reached a high of 20.712 cents.

The monthly market values ​​for wind at sea and on land were also up in June compared to the previous month. It was 19.692 (May 22: 13.242) cents for onshore wind and 19.909 (May: 14.024) cents per kWh for offshore wind.

The solar market value is relevant for all PV systems that are still subsidized by the EEG. It reflects the average revenue from solar power on the exchange that could be achieved with direct marketing in the respective month.

Solar monthly market value

The basic principle here: If this market value is lower than the EEG remuneration, the network operator finances the difference from the EEG allocation account. In the end that wasn’t necessary anymore. The monthly values ​​have been in double digits since September 2021 and thus exceed the EEG funding level.

The annual market value had reached a high of 7.55 cents per kWh in 2021.

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