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Spain build useful 160MW Solar Power Plant

The Spanish Navarra Regional Government has approved the 160MW Solar power plant project of the local renewable energy association Anpier .

160MW Solar power plant project will be deployed in the Navarra Canal, Spain’s largest artificial irrigation canal, to generate sustainable electricity by covering the water with photovoltaic panels.

The Navarra regional government stated that the capacity of the project is as high as 160MW Solar power plant, which means that the installed photovoltaic capacity will be doubled.

Juan Antonio Cabrero, vice chairman and representative of Anpier Renewable Energy Association, said in a speech: “The implementation of the project has multiple benefits to the environment. This clean source of power generation will not lead to the encroachment of large areas of natural land and the implementation of the project will help. reducing the evaporation of water, the cooling effect of the water turn improves PV cell efficiency plate. “

Navarra government said, after the implementation of the project, the evaporation loss of the water will be reduced by 30%.

Energi. A study submitted by K and Naga Solar to the Rural Development and Environment Department showed that the project is technically and financially feasible.

160MW Solar power plant

Anpier said: “This type of project can be replicated in all communities with similar characteristics in Spain. Anpier is committed to supporting the development of small and medium-sized photovoltaic installations and installing them in places where the transmission network is more efficient and can be used directly. These facilities will not affect the natural habitat and farmland.”

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