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Daily limit resumption: Strong Shanghai stock index rose 0.74% in the afternoon, cyclical stocks strengthened 25 Aug

August 25 news, the three major indexes started trading with mixed ups and downs. After the opening, the Shanghai Stock Index oscillated around the flat line. The index once expanded to 1%, and the Science and Technology 50 Index fell by more than 2%. 

Shanghai Stock Index : In terms of sectors, liquor rallied, oil services pulled up, and early hot sectors such as industrial mother machines, securities, and lithium batteries pulled back. In the afternoon, the three major indexes continued to fluctuate. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index remained relatively strong. The turnover of the two markets exceeded one trillion for the 26th consecutive trading day.

The inflow of northbound funds accelerated in late trading, with a cumulative inflow of over 8 billion yuan. In terms of sectors, the CSSC stocks continued to rise, and the photovoltaic sector led the organic silicon sector to strengthen. In general, market sentiment is divided, the long-short game is fierce, individual stocks rise more and less, and the effect of making money is average. 

As of the close, the Shanghai Stock Index rose 0.74% to 3,540.39 points, with a turnover of 598 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.23% to 14,697.50 points, with a turnover of 715.8 billion yuan; the Chuang Index rose 0.54% to 3,346.66 points, with a turnover of 598 billion yuan. 283.3 billion yuan.

1. Price limit data

  Today, the Shanghai Stock Index and Shenzhen stock exchanges had a daily limit of 109 (including new stocks and ST categories), a lower limit of 4, 2718 rising stocks, 159 flat stocks, and 1663 falling stocks.

  2. Hotspots

  1. Chinese Shipbuilding System (Shanghai Stock Index)

( 13.060 , 1.19 , 10.03% )(20.990, 1.91, 10.01%)20.990 , 1.91 , 10.01% ) (11.160, 0.69, 6.59%)11.160 , 0.69 , 6.59% ) (22.390, 1.09, 5.12%)22.390 , 1.09 , 5.12% ) (4.240, 0.19, 4.69%)4.240 , 0.19 , 4.69% ) (6.410, 0.31, 5.08%)6.410 , 0.31 , 5.08% )

  On the news, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission held a media briefing on the restructuring and reorganization of central enterprises on the 25th. Qian Jianping, deputy general manager of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, revealed that the domestic and overseas anti-monopoly review of the reorganization of the two ships has been fully completed, and the reorganization of the two ships has entered a substantive stage of operation.

  2. Silicone (Shanghai Stock Index)

( 5.670 , 0.52 , 10.10% )(16.840, 1.53, 9.99%)16.840 , 1.53 , 9.99% ) (40.210, 3.66, 10.01%)40.210 , 3.66 , 10.01% ) (193.050, 17.55, 10.00%)193.050 , 17.55 , 10.00% ) (37.050, 3.37, 10.01%)37.050 , 3.37 , 10.01% ) (20.000, 2.13, 11.92%)20.000 , 2.13 , 11.92% ) (28.490, 3.41, 13.60%)28.490 , 3.41 , 13.60% )

  On the news, the spot price of silicone DMC has recently continued to hit a new high this year, with an increase of about 59% during the year.

Three, today’s daily limit stock analysis (Shanghai Stock Index)

Name (Shanghai Stock Index)IncreaseCurrent priceDaily limit analysisOpen times
Zhengfan Technology20.01%25.61Integrated circuit concept + performance growth0
Nine Company-WD20.01%86.08Kechuang new shares + robot concept + turn losses into profits2
Jiankai Technology20.00%254.98Kechuang new shares + medicine + performance growth0
Kaiyuan Education20.00%6.78Vocational education + performance reduction0
Jinbo shares20.00%360Carbon-based materials + photovoltaics + performance growth11
Guo Anda19.99%31.99Registered new shares + fire fighting equipment3
Stellar Technology10.10%5.67Photovoltaic concept + organic silicon + diamond1
Lanshi Heavy Equipment10.07%6.34High-end equipment + hydrogen energy12
Yiqiu Resources10.07%4.92Solid waste treatment + non-ferrous aluminum1
Pearl River shares10.06%3.83Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area + three-child concept0
Xinhuajin10.05%6.13Hair products + cross-border e-commerce2
Corun10.05%8.21New energy vehicle + fuel cell + rare earth permanent magnet8
China Metallurgical10.05%4.38Non-ferrous metals + infrastructure projects0
Hongda New Material10.05%4.6Silicone0
Yellow cyclone10.04%8.55New material concept + man-made diamonds12
Yan’an Bikang10.03%9.87Lithium battery + medicine1
Hainan Development10.03%15.58Photovoltaic glass4
Youzu Network10.03%12.95Online games + equity transfer expectations0
CSSC10.03%13.06Military + China Shipbuilding System0
Bangbao Puzzle10.02%10.1Blind box + three-child concept4
Yuhuan CNC10.02%20.53machine tool0
Guanghua Technology10.02%26.02Lithium battery + integrated circuit concept1
Shentong Technology10.02%10.43Sub-new stocks + auto parts4
Libert10.02%10.76Sub-IPO + Industry 4.03
Jingshan Light Machine10.02%16.91HIT battery + photovoltaic concept + lithium battery3
Hengsheng Energy10.02%17.68New shares0
Zhejiang Xinneng10.02%12.41Wind power + photovoltaic concept0
Contemporary style10.02%6.26Equity transfer + film and television media + sports industry0
Great Lakes10.02%6.48Aquaculture + Liquor Concept0
Hubei Yihua10.01%14.72Biodegradable plastic0
Yuegui shares10.01%7.8Sugar0
Chenguang New Material10.01%40.21Performance growth + silicone4
Stone shares10.01%8.24Ceramic products + tender offer1
China Ship10.01%20.99Military + China Shipbuilding System0
Sinosteel International10.01%10.88Carbon neutral + carbon + performance growth1
Qingyuan shares10.01%12.97Photovoltaic concept + photovoltaic building integration0
Xin’an shares10.01%37.05Silicone + glyphosate + performance growth0
Jiuding New Materials10.00%30.68Chip concept + glass fiber11
Jinchen shares10.00%175.29Photovoltaic concept + HIT battery2
Xingfa Group10.00%35.19Silicone0
Zhongtian Rocket10.00%74.03Military industry2
JA Technology10.00%68.2Proposed increase + photovoltaic concept4
Chengde Lulu10.00%13.31Food and beverage0
Dibe Electric10.00%13.42Home appliances + performance growth3
Hesheng Silicon Industry10.00%193.05Silicone1
Lehui International10.00%42.9Beer concept0
Jiaze Xinneng10.00%4.73Wind power + performance growth0
Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group10.00%12.1Small metal concept0
Guangsheng Nonferrous10.00%52.15Rare earth permanent magnet3
Welcome to the tribute wine10.00%39.61Liquor concept + performance growth0
Hongbo New Material9.99%16.84Silicone + new material concept0
Chuanzhi Education9.99%29.5Sub-new stock + vocational education + Hongmeng concept0
Kehua Data9.99%41.5Energy storage + strategic cooperation agreement + data center0
Tongxing Environmental Protection9.99%26.86Carbon neutral0
Xinbo shares9.99%52.84Sub-new stock + aluminum material + photovoltaic concept0
Flat9.99%49.1Photovoltaic concept0
Yonghe shares9.99%44.26Sub-new stock + fluorine chemical0
Sanfu outdoor9.99%21.03Textile and Apparel + Sports Industry0
Water shares9.99%19.6New material concept0
TBEA (Shanghai Stock Index)9.99%18.94Photovoltaic + wind power4
Yihua shares9.99%35.79Photovoltaic concept + Huawei car0
Huafeng shares9.99%17.51New energy vehicle + lithium battery0
Middle water fishery9.99%8.04Aquaculture + participation insurance1
Bailong Creative Park9.99%31.83Sub-new stock + sugar substitute concept0
Hangzhou Thermal Power9.99%22.36New shares0
Wanye Enterprise9.98%28.53Integrated circuit concept + photovoltaic concept15
Cameite9.98%13.99Hydrogen Energy + Carbon Neutrality + Specialty and New5
Juhua shares9.98%13.77Fluorine chemical2
Aluminum Corporation of China9.98%6.61Non-ferrous aluminum + performance growth4
Triumph Technology9.98%11.35New material concept4
East China CNC9.98%9.81High-end equipment + machine tools0
Wing on line9.98%19.4Performance growth + fuel cell + online car-hailing4
Silver Dragon9.98%4.63Carbon-based semiconductor + high-speed rail0
La Fangjiahua9.98%18.52Cosmetics2
Yaxing Bus9.98%8.82New energy vehicle + fuel cell0
Del future9.97%8.49Graphene + furniture0
Zhejiang Yongqiang9.97%4.08Textile and apparel + cross-border e-commerce + tourism8
Dragon Media9.97%9.49New shares0
Core Technology9.96%12.47Photovoltaic concept + photovoltaic building integration + performance growth3
Liaoning Energy9.95%4.2Coal concept + wind power0
Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.9.93%4.98Proposed acquisition + non-ferrous metals1
Junzheng Group9.92%5.65Ant Financial Concept1
ST Xinhai5.19%2.43ST plate0
*ST energy saving5.12%3.9ST plate1
*ST Zhongxin5.12%2.67ST plate0
*ST Huaying5.11%2.88ST plate6
ST sinking machine5.07%5.6High-end equipment + machine tools0
*ST Jinzheng5.06%2.7ST plate0
ST Cloud Investment5.06%6.65ST plate5
*ST Changyu5.05%3.33ST plate0
ST Northern5.04%4.38Narrowing losses1
*ST Minco5.02%2.51ST plate0
*ST Dexin5.01%38.99Turn loss into profit + lithium battery4
*ST Nanhua5.00%10.29ST plate0
*ST Chengxing5.00%4.83ST plate2
*ST Zhongtai4.99%8.21ST plate0
*ST Tianshou4.99%4ST plate1
*ST Danbang4.98%2.95ST plate3
ST Huayu4.98%13.5Small metal concept14
ST Huading4.96%3.81Performance growth0
ST Antai4.95%4.24Coal concept0
*ST Yabo4.95%3.82Recruitment of restructuring investors4
*ST Shenglai4.92%6.18ST plate5
ST Anxin4.92%5.33ST plate0
*ST Zhongying4.91%4.06ST plate1
ST Dayou4.88%3.87ST plate0
*ST Reclamation4.87%2.8ST plate1
ST Star Source4.85%2.16ST plate0

Yesterday’s daily limit stock analysis (Shanghai Stock Index)

NameIncreaseCurrent priceYesterday’s daily limit analysisOpen times
Yiqiu Resources10.07%4.92Solid waste treatment + non-ferrous aluminum3
Corun (Shanghai Stock Index)10.05%8.21New energy vehicle + fuel cell + rare earth permanent magnet14
Zhuzhou Metallurgical Group10.00%12.1Small metal concept0
Xinbo shares9.99%52.84Sub-new stock + aluminum material + photovoltaic concept0
Yihua shares9.99%35.79Photovoltaic concept + Huawei car0
Wanye Enterprise9.98%28.53Integrated circuit concept + photovoltaic concept15
East China CNC9.98%9.81High-end equipment + machine tools0
Silver Dragon9.98%4.63Carbon-based semiconductor + high-speed rail0
Del future9.97%8.49Graphene + furniture0
Zhejiang Yongqiang9.97%4.08Textile and apparel + cross-border e-commerce + tourism8
Hualian Holdings8.89%4.41Real estate development0
Westone (Shanghai Stock Index)7.62%41.8Cyber ​​security + big data0
Shanxi Coking7.26%6.65Performance growth + coal concept18
Oriental Shenghong6.50%29.5Photovoltaic concept + polyester8
Yunnan Copper6.17%15.83Non-ferrous copper1
Haitian Precision5.61%31.63CNC machine tools + performance growth0
Quartz shares5.32%41.36Photovoltaic concept + semiconductor19
*ST Zhongxin5.12%2.67ST plate0
ST sinking machine5.07%5.6High-end equipment + machine tools0
*ST Jinzheng5.06%2.7ST plate0
*ST Dexin5.01%38.99Turn loss into profit + lithium battery0
*ST Nanhua5.00%10.29ST plate0
*ST Tianshou4.99%4ST plate1
ST Huayu4.98%13.5Small metal concept1
*ST Yabo4.95%3.82Recruitment of restructuring investors3
*ST Shenglai4.92%6.18ST plate3
ST Anxin4.92%5.33ST plate10
Franck (Shanghai Stock Index)4.91%9.18Machinery and equipment + performance growth0
*ST Zhongying4.91%4.06ST plate18
Qinchuan Machine Tool4.87%11.85machine tool0
Huachen Equipment4.23%45.6High-end equipment + machine tools8
Deye shares4.21%218.5Sub-IPO + Home Appliances + Energy Storage10
*ST Tiancheng4.07%5.11ST plate13
Corey Technology4.07%29.64Lithium battery + electronic cigarette + VR0
Zhaoyan New Drug3.92%147.99CRO concept + innovative medicine0
Shunbo Alloy3.91%20.18Sub-new shares + scrap recycling + performance growth0
Jinhong Group3.91%15.67Turn losses into profit + women’s clothing0
Perry shares3.50%18.63Third-generation semiconductor + UHV1
GCL Integration3.44%5.71Photovoltaic concept + HIT battery + energy storage6
Sifang (Shanghai Stock Index)3.38%11Diamond0
Nuoli shares3.27%20.51Ningde era concept + robot concept + performance growth1
Panzhihua Iron and Steel Vanadium Titanium3.25%4.13Small metal concept0
Polyfluoride2.96%57.31Fluorochemical + Lithium Battery5
Guanghong Holdings2.88%5.72Performance growth + pork0
Huafeng Aluminum2.86%10.07Sub-new stocks + new energy vehicles4
Junda shares2.71%31.81Auto parts + photovoltaic concept0
Red Arrow2.43%17.72Military industry + new material concept + performance growth0
Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry2.42%11.84Tungsten Metal + Military Industry0
Baotou Steel2.34%3.06Steel + Rare Earth Permanent Magnet0
*ST Chinese and Portuguese1.85%3.85ST plate0
Baichuan Energy1.85%5.52Natural gas3
Shimao Energy1.32%25.39Sub-new stock + thermoelectric1
*ST Double Ring1.13%7.15ST plate9
Wentou Holdings0.60%3.34Universal theme park + Winter Olympics + film and television entertainment4
Blue Flame Holdings0.49%8.14Coalbed methane3
*ST Rasha0.41%2.46ST plate0
*ST Silver Billion-0.41%2.44ST plate0
*ST Prima-0.46%4.37ST plate1
Xiamen Tungsten Industry-0.46%30.01Metal tungsten + lithium battery4
ST Tongpu-0.77%3.89ST plate0
SST Giti-1.09%15.42ST plate0
Xinjiang Torch-1.20%16.41Natural gas + Xinjiang0
Godsend materials-1.24%139.1Pre-increased performance + lithium battery0
Changchun Gas-1.25%5.52Natural gas + coal concept0
Chongqing Gas-1.41%9.08Natural gas1
Xinjin Road-1.48%6.64PVC+ performance growth3
*ST Liyuan-1.65%2.38ST plate0
National City Mining-1.83%11.78Non-ferrous metals5
ST Xintong-1.84%3.73ST plate0
Yingli Automobile-1.88%8.89Sub-new stocks + auto parts0
Fu An shares-1.92%22.93Special Steel + Environmental Engineering0
ST Reid-1.93%2.03ST plate1
Haiyuan Composite-2.32%21.9Photovoltaic concept + auto parts + hat removal1
Huadian Heavy Industry-2.37%4.95High-end equipment + hydrogen energy0
Southern Huitong-2.39%9.81Salt Lake Lithium Extraction + Membrane Material1
Chase Gas-2.59%6.4Natural gas0
Koda (Shanghai Stock Index)-2.60%18Mechanical equipment + sewage treatment0
Qinghai Huading-2.66%4.39machine tool7
Yutong Bus-2.81%12.44Vehicles + performance growth2
Capital shares-2.94%7.93Fuel cell + natural gas0
Guizhou Gas-2.96%10.15Natural gas + performance growth4
Akeli (Shanghai Stock Index)-3.42%50.28New material concept + fuel cell4
ST Jinhong-3.52%2.47Reaching the stars without taking off their hats0
Huangtai Winery-3.73%27.34Liquor Concept3
*ST Huaxun-3.77%3.06ST plate1
Deep water sea-4.97%24.3Registration system for new shares + sewage treatment0
Hengshuai shares-5.52%41.77Registered new shares + performance growth + auto parts0
Degut (Shanghai Stock Index)-7.12%39.29Registered new shares + energy saving and environmental protection0
Cologne-9.20%11.55Integrated circuit concept + new material concept1
Chuanrun shares-9.25%6.18High-end equipment + carbon neutral + performance growth0
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