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Study : Photovoltaic increasingly important in the European media 2022

Fossil-free alternatives abound in the current market. Whereby photovoltaic is the most discussed alternative in the media.

This emerges from the media report “The Big Solar Power Leap” recently published by Meltwater, a media monitoring platform. Meltwater used its proprietary media monitoring tool to examine the rise of discussions about photovoltaics in the European media landscape. The topic is discussed in a variety of media: B2B (56%), B2C (28%) and government (16%).

Photovoltaics on the media agenda

In the general debate of the B2B media, there seems to be a strong belief in photovoltaics as a solution to the climate crisis and as the key to independence from Russian energy supply (32%). The main pull factors driving the expansion of solar energy are climate benefits (40%), constant technology (32%) and industrial development (32%).

Media coverage for private consumers (B2C) focuses on topics such as the increasing demand for photovoltaic modules and the associated factors and consequences. When discussing households, price (68%) and the ability to make long-term profits (24%) were seen as the most important issues.

Analyzing the media talks with the government on the topic of solar energy, it is clear that the media increasingly insist on solutions for importing energy from more than one country (46%). The demand for independence from Russia’s energy supply and the transition to renewable energy are not progressing fast enough, leading countries to resort to non-renewable energy sources as a “stopgap” (43%).

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