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Taliban spokesman: Soldiers and policemen who surrendered their weapons will be amnesty, Army Final Bent.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told CNN in a video interview on Sunday that the new Afghan government will include non-Taliban Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman, Asked if the new government would include members of the former Afghan government, Shaheen noted that it was too early to say who the official was, but the Taliban were trying to “get some prominent people part of the new government”. “When we mention ‘inclusive Afghan Islamic government’, it means that other Afghans can also be part of the government,” Shaheen said.

Asked if the Taliban would call on the current Afghan soldiers and police to join the security forces of the new government, Shaheen said that all those who surrendered their weapons and joined the Taliban would be amnesty, and their lives and property would be guaranteed. Shaheen added that their names are all in a register, and they will be “called as backup forces when needed”.

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