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The cumulative number of China-EU trains has exceeded 40,000

The National Development and Reform Commission on June 20 that the Office of the Leading Group for Promoting the Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative held a symposium on the fifth anniversary of the unified brand of China-EU trains in Beijing on June 20

The meeting pointed out that so far, China-EU trains have operated more than 40,000, with a total cargo value of more than 200 billion US dollars, opening 73 operating lines and reaching more than 160 cities in 22 European countries.

In March 2011, the first China-Europe train was sent from Chongqing to Duisburg, Germany, opening the prelude to the innovation and development of China-Europe train. On June 20, 2016, the first European (Poland) ceremony of the unified brand China-Europe train was held in Warsaw, Poland, and the China-Europe train entered a leapfrogging stage of development.

The China-EU train has forged a win-win bridge link for countries along the route. The meeting pointed out that the value of goods transported by China-EU trains in the value of goods traded in China-EU trains has increased year by year, from 1% in 2015 to 7% in 2020. Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, China-EU trains have shipped a total of 11.99 million pieces and 94,000 tons of epidemic prevention materials to Europe.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to consolidate and expand the scale of China-EU trains, constantly improve the development benefits, adhere to the market-oriented operation mode under the guidance of the government, vigorously crack the “blockage points” and “block points” at home and abroad, coordinate the coordinated development of relevant regions, and promote the stable and long-reaching of China-EU trains.

1 – we should focus on strengthening the capacity of China-EU train facilities. Focusing on bottleneck sections and congested ports, we will actively promote the upgrading and transformation of the “stuck neck” section of the China-EU Banlexi, China and East corridors, and strive to improve the hub assembly capacity.

2 – we should focus on improving the quality and efficiency of China-EU trains. We will continue to improve the China-EU train opening plan, dynamically adjust and optimize the opening lines, vigorously expand the return supply of goods, and continuously improve customs clearance efficiency. At the same time, we should also give full play to the role of assessment guidance.

3- we should focus on promoting the market-oriented development of China-EU trains. We will always adhere to the principle of “government guidance, market operation, enterprise subject”, follow the laws of the market and competition rules, and create a good market environment for the sustainable and healthy development of China-EU trains.

4 – we should focus on enhancing the driving force for the sustainable development of China-EU trains. We will accelerate the construction of China-EU train information platform and smart ports, promote the joint development of China-EU trains, silk road maritime transportation, western land and sea new channels, etc., actively promote the “integration of transportation and trade”, and actively explore the opening of “humanities trains” and “tourism trains”.

5 – we should focus on strengthening international cooperation between China and Europe trains. We will always adhere to the spirit of the Silk Road, adhere to the principle of joint discussion, co-construction and sharing, promote in-depth cooperation, joint construction of facilities and sharing of development achievements, and build China-EU trains into a sunshine road that benefits all parties and moves forward hand in hand.

6 – we should focus on ensuring the safe and stable operation of China-EU trains. Strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic at key ports, scientifically eliminate, strictly prevent imports, and resolutely guard the country. We will continue to improve the “Trinity” security measures of civil defense, physical defense and technical defense in the operation of China-EU trains to ensure the safe and stable operation of China-EU trains.

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