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Trina supplies bifacial solar energy modules for Solarpark Bundorf boost 2023

The Chinese solar energy modules producer Trina has started the delivery of bifacial solar energy modules for the Bundorf solar park to the developer Max Solar. Specifically, it is 125 Megwatts of bifacial Vertex modules, 250,000 in total. The first shipment of modules from Trina Solar arrived at the site in October.

MaxSolar started construction of the 125-hectare facility in Lower Franconia in September 2022. The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2023. 40 of the 125 hectares are available for a municipal energy system in which citizens can participate.

The project wants to become the largest citizen solar energy modules park in Germany and form the heart of a visionary “energy village”. It will power a number of EV charging stations in and around Bundorf, as well as a local district heating network.

The construction of the heating network is also scheduled to start in 2023 and be completed by the end of 2024. In addition, the PV system is planned in such a way that it can be upgraded with large energy storage systems at a later date.

The solar energy modules also have a maximum output of more than 670W. Their design minimizes shadowing on the rear and thus avoids negative effects on efficiency. The active back of the cells provides additional energy yield compared to monofacial modules.

solar energy modules
solar energy modules

“The construction work in Bundorf is running smoothly. The product properties of the solar energy modules, especially the high cost-effectiveness, convinced us of Trina Solar. Together with Trina Solar we will successfully implement further projects”, says David Butz, COO of MaxSolar GmbH.

Gonzalo de la Viña, President EMEA at Trina Solar, comments: “We at Trina Solar are very excited to be part of this great citizen solar project. The Bundorf solar park is an excellent example of how citizens can participate in the solar revolution in many ways, not just with their own private PV system.”

Heinrich Kopp presents foldable solar energy modules system

The supplier of electrical installation accessories Heinrich Kopp offers installers a foldable solar energy modules system. As the company from Kahl am Main announced, the SmartFlex system is a photovoltaic solution for private and commercial use.

The foldable solar energy modules system is delivered ready for assembly and saves time, labor, costs and packaging waste at the installation site.

Solar energy modules systems are one of the most important pillars for the expansion of clean and sustainable energy production. With the SmartFlex system, we make installation easier for solar installers and make it easier for customers to get started with self-determined energy supply,” says Stephan Dörrschuck, Managing Director of Kopp.

SmartFlex consists of four fold-out PV modules and all the necessary components. Delivered in reusable boxes. The system can be installed on any flat roof in a very short time. Zouhair Kefi, head of the Energy & Home Automation division at Kopp: “For the SmartFlex systems, we use high-performance, high-quality and exceptionally efficient PV modules. This guarantees investors higher profitability.”

solar energy modules
solar energy modules

Assembly with one tool

When unfolded, the Kopp SmartFlex modules are approx. 1.7 m

2 and have an output of 1.6 kWp
Depending on the size of the roof and energy requirements, any number of modules can be connected together with just one tool without being anchored to the roof. Thanks to the ballast material supplied, the system can easily withstand strong winds and other extreme weather conditions.

A crane lifts at the installation site the modules out of their delivery boxes onto the roof, where two solar technicians can then unfold them and connect them to one another. The shortened construction time is of particular help to commercial customers who would otherwise have to interrupt their production or public traffic during the construction phase.

In addition, the system saves solar installers personnel capacities due to the quick installation and reduces the strenuous physical work to a minimum. Another plus: more flexibility in the winter months. Because even a larger system can be installed at short notice with a view to a few rainy or frost-free days. In this way, solar installers can spread their orders throughout the year or accept numerous additional ones.

Kopp completely pre-assembles the foldable solar system including module carriers, ballast material, cables and building protection in the production facility in Kahl am Main and packs it in reusable transport boxes.

These processes, some of which are patented, guarantee uniform quality on the one hand and reduce the amount of waste and the corresponding disposal costs on the other. Dismantling would also be uncomplicated due to the anchor-free “Plug ‘n’ play” technology, which makes Kopp SmartFlex very interesting for rental properties.

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