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The UK has funded £10 million to promote the research and development of new battery technology.

InnovationUK announced a funding of 10 million pounds to support potential and innovative new battery technology feasibility studies and research and development. The funded projects will involve battery costs, efficiency and recycling, focusing on various battery technologies for electric vehicles. Improvement, also pay attention to the application in railways, ships, aerospace, defense or off-road vehicles, in which innovation is expected to bring about performance improvement or the transformation to electrification.

The specific research technology topics of this funding are as follows: reducing costs in batteries and batteries and manufacturing; increasing the energy density of battery cells; increasing the power density of batteries; eliminating the risk of thermal runaway; extending the life of batteries and batteries; broadening the temperature range of effective operation of batteries; and better predicting working conditions. New models of range and battery health status; battery recycling capacity, including reuse, end-of-life design, reuse or recycling, etc.; technology for efficient design, development or manufacturing of batteries; next-generation battery technology, etc.

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