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Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading of Oil and Gas Exploration

Geophysical Exploration Institute and Wave Information Accelerate Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading of Oil and Gas Exploration.

Recently, in order to meet the challenge of intelligent Upgrading of Oil and Gas Exploration massive data processing and exploration platform, Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. has customized and designed an intelligent integrated AI server cluster for the Petroleum Geophysical Exploration Technology Research Institute.

The powerful intelligent computing power has increased the computing power of the geophysical Exploration Institute cloud computing platform to 190 million times. /second, the storage capacity is expanded to 37PB, and the annual processing capacity of pre-stack time offset data reaches 30,000 square kilometers, which greatly alleviates the challenge of massive sample analysis with intelligent computing power. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of big data throughput, Wave configures each server node with a high-speed interconnection core network to give full play to The performance of each node realizes the full-line interconnection of AI server clusters, low network delay, and meets the data access requirements of large throughput.

The cloud computing platform of the Geophysical Exploration Institute has now supported the exploration and development of large oil and gas fields such as Yuanba and Shunbei, supported the market-oriented application of intelligent geophysical technologies such as RTM and FWI, and expanded the dimension and depth of numerical simulation research of Sinopec downstream scientific research units. In the future, the hospital will continue to cooperate with Inspur to create a new benchmark for the energy exploration industry, promote the wide-scale application of artificial intelligence software, accelerate the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the petrochemical industry, and contribute to ensuring the stable supply of national energy.

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