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Focus at WEMAG battery storage visited by popular Reem Alabali Radovan

Reem Alabali-Radovan, Member of Parliament and Minister of State, visited at Federal Chancellor, today the WEMAG battery storage and had WEMAG board member Thomas Murche and battery storage managing director Tobias Struck explain how it works.

“So that the energy transition If successful, the generation of renewable energies must be expanded.

Since wind and solar power are volatile, sustainable technology is also needed to ensure the stability of the power grid can. We also have a big task ahead of us when it comes to storage: electricity from wind and sun must be available at all times.

We are ready, but we also need some initial help from politicians,” says Thomas Murche. that precisely these innovative specifications must be supported much more strongly. “It is important to me that the expansion takes place in our region and that we set the right framework conditions. Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is the land of sun and wind. The current situation shows us once again that we, too, have to rethink politics and act quickly.”

WEMAG’s battery storage power plant has been since 2014 in operation and contributes to the stabilization of the network. Built in two stages, it provides the energy market with 10 megawatts of primary control power. “At the time of commissioning, the WEMAG system was considered the largest battery storage power plant in Europe.

WEMAG battery storage

There are now larger systems, but our storage power plant is one of the battery-based systems with the longest operating experience on the market,” says Tobias Struck, Managing Director of WEMAG-Batteriespeicher GmbH & Co. KG, a WEMAG subsidiary.

However, the service life also means that the components of the system must be renewed, this applies to both the hardware and the software. “The demands placed on the system technology of the battery storage power plant are high.

That’s why we commissioned SCADA-Automation GmbH from Berlin with the implementation. The SCADA team specializes in energy management automation technology with a focus on battery storage,” Struck continues.

All work for the conversion and renewal must take place during ongoing plant operation in order to ensure continuous use of the power plant. The project will have a total duration of about one year.

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