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where will Critical global climate change go? After Glasgow

As the United Nations Global Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, England. Urging countries to take concrete action against global warming is an important part of every climate change conference.

Global Climate Change : Global annual meeting of the International Financial Forum (IFF), participants discussed this topic, and many voices warned: this COP26 is an important opportunity to prevent the serious consequences of climate change.

According to Barroso, Co-Chairman of IFF and Chairman of the Gavi Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, this COP26 is another important step in the global response to climate change. The measures and commitments related to climate change are more serious than before. Happy for that. Although the implementation of some commitments is still not legally binding, at least the parties have shown a good momentum of cooperation on this issue, and the direction is correct.

Former UN Under-Secretary-General Jose Antonio Ocampo described COP26 as “a partially successful conference”. He said that since the Paris Agreement, the international community has taken another step forward on this issue.

Many countries have made commitments and reached consensus at the Glasgow Conference. For example, the control of methane emissions has received further attention, and many countries have pledged to end deforestation by 2030. Forest activities, China and the United States have also made progress in cooperation during their stay in Glasgow.

“On the other hand, we also see that the transportation industry has not made strong commitments, such as eliminating or abandoning fuel vehicles. Some countries have taken solid steps, but some major car-producing countries have not committed to phase out or cancel. Fuel vehicles, this is also an aspect that the transportation industry must cooperate with to reduce emissions in the future.

Critical Global Climate Change

At the same time, the technological imagination of using hydrogen energy to drive the metal processing industry is still far from reality.” Ocampo said.

Ocampo stressed that before the next climate change conference, all parties must earnestly promote the commitments made, otherwise the progress made in Glasgow will face a setback, a large number of uneven development and inequality will be created and exacerbated, bringing more benefits to future generations. heavy burden.

Faced with increasingly urgent and complex climate and environmental issues, there is not much time left for countries to take action. The point of the question is to strengthen cooperation among all parties and form an effective “road map”.

Barroso pointed out that climate change is a global problem, and solving the problem requires multilateral cooperation and a global solution. He said that the continuous emergence of new technologies in the world has provided a good opportunity for the development of green economy, and more countries’ public sectors need to provide financial and policy support, and fully mobilize the private sector and social groups to participate in it.

Zhai Yongping, the former chief energy expert of the Asian Development Bank, believes that in the process of turning commitments into concrete measures, a clear “roadmap” is particularly critical.

The “roadmap” should focus on the specific steps to achieve each time stage, and the realization of the roadmap also requires the support of specific funding sources and low-carbon and zero-carbon technical solutions.

During this process, developing countries and small island countries, due to their limited economic and technological level, also need the international community to pay more attention and help to their actual needs.

Next year, the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change COP27 will be held in Egypt. The guests said that whether all parties can truly fulfill the commitments made at the Glasgow Conference during this year will greatly affect the future trend of global climate change issues.

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