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WindEnergy Hamburg 2022: Atlas Copco presents best smart tools for wind turbines

WindEnergy Hamburg, guarantee maximum precision, measure data to optimize processes, make work more efficient and safer: Intelligent tools have long been a decisive factor in Industry 4.0.

Atlas Copco is using it to “take the idea of ​​the Smart Factory out into the field”, to be more precise: into the assembly and maintenance of wind turbines.

The company is making it possible to experience what this looks like at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 with an interactive stand concept.

ESSEN/ HAMBURG – In order to further advance the energy transition in Germany, the federal government has just decided on the “Easter package”.

The overarching goal is the rapid and consistent expansion of renewable energies. Their share of gross electricity consumption should increase to at least 80 percent by 2030. One step on the way there is the expansion of wind power.

The plan is to increase the area for wind turbines from 0.8 to 2.0 percent by 2023.1 This means that many new wind turbines should be built in a short space of time. Intelligent tools play an important role here.

“Yesterday’s wind turbines are now complex wind turbines that produce many megawatts. The demands on production, construction and maintenance of the systems are correspondingly high. It not only requires the necessary know-how, but also modern, powerful tools to do them justice.

In this case, modern and efficient means intelligent,” explains Thomas Hülsmann, Managing Director for the General Industry division at Atlas Copco Tools Central Europe GmbH in Essen.

Smart screwing increases the efficiency of the systems

In Industry 4.0, many companies are already relying on smart, networked tools. As the link between people and the system, they make critical screwdriving processes more precise, more reliable and safer.

They also provide data on the individual processes, which can be used to analyze and further optimize the processes. This increases the profitability of the systems, which is essentially based on operating and maintenance costs.

The operators of wind turbines should now also benefit from this: “Currently, installation and maintenance of the systems always dominate nor the conventional methods.

Old processes remain. Also because there is often a lack of awareness that the intelligent technologies and solutions of Industry 4.0 can also be used outside of the factories. We want to change that and bring the idea of ​​the smart factory to the field,” explains product manager Sebastian Pesdicek.

The experts at Atlas Copco draw on the wealth of experience they have gained in recent years, during which they have been able to develop numerous solutions for Industry 4.0.

Go through the entire process from production to maintenance on the stand

How they carry the Smart Factory into the field can be experienced in Hall B7 at Stand 315 at the world’s leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg 2022. There Atlas Copco presents its intelligent tools. One of them is the innovative cordless high-torque wrench SRB HA.

By combining safety and high performance in connection with mobile connectivity, this intelligently networked screwdriver enables continuous process reliability in all applications.

The Atlas Copco stand area offers a high degree of interactivity: visitors walk through the entire process from manufacture to installation and maintenance of a wind turbine.

At the various stations, it becomes clear how intelligent screwing processes positively influence the performance, reliability and costs of wind turbines. “There are already numerous smart tools for safe, fast and error-free screwing in the field. And that with torques of over 70,000 Nm.

Now it is important to make people aware of this and thus advance the digital transformation in wind power energy. We believe that we will be able to do this with a stand concept that encourages people to get involved,” Sebastian Pesdicek looks forward to WindEnergy Hamburg 2022.

WindEnergy Hamburg 2022: Atlas Copco presents smart tools for wind turbines

Wide range of tools for building components

In addition to intelligent tools, Atlas Copco Tools Central Europe GmbH also provides modular, scalable software to control bolting processes, monitor quality and optimize processes.

The company also develops numerous other tools for component construction. For example, ergonomic material processing tools for grinding, drilling, polishing and sawing the various materials.

The world’s leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 will take place from September 27th to 30th at the exhibition center in the Hanseatic city. Atlas Copco Tools Central Europe GmbH is looking forward to your visit at stand 315 in hall B7.

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