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Unlock advanced Meta Universe, What Facebook do 2021?

Meta Universe, After a few days of waiting, the practical effect of Facebook’s parent company changing its name to Meta is gradually being released, although at first, people sneered.

At first Meta Universe, people thought that Facebook’s name change was to change the soup but not the medicine, just to divert attention from the outside world’s platform governance. But since then, the rise of a large number of metaverse analysis, interpretation and money fraud activities that have really diverted people’s attention.

The articles related to “Met Universe” read by the president are mainly about dispelling charm, questioning and looking down. Many people mention that the current technical force that constitutes the concept of “metro-cosm” is weak, the degree of commercialization is low, and it is in the initial stage of development. Of course, that’s all right.

But it is worth noting what Facebook has done to the concept of “metaverse” through this name change:

Naming – among the many candidate words of the same concept, promote “metaverse” to become the commonly established name.

Definition – In the many interpretations and deductions of the word “Meta Universe”, gradually precise its definition and narrow it to “digital assets such as VR (virtual reality) / AR (Augmented reality) + digital alias + NFT (non-homogeneous tokens)”.

Meta Universe

Focus – Enter this field as one of the largest Internet platform enterprises, and cause other manufacturers such as Microsoft to enter this field to varying degrees.

No one expects Meta (Facebook) to actively participate to promote the realization of the “meteor universe” alone, but there is still a difference between it and not doing it. The most optimistic result, like the first Bitcoin ETF released in October, may become a milestone when recalling the past many years later.

In this article, the president will explain in detail what the above-mentioned “naming”, “definition” and “focus” refer to, and explain why we should be cautious and optimistic about this.

Name: That’s it. Meta Universe is Metaverse !

The “naming” here means that we are likely to call this thing Metaverse, not anything else.

Although Meta (Facebook) is not the inventor of the word Metaverse, its endorsement makes it necessary for the global media to introduce what “Metaverse” is to the public in a timely manner, which is predecessors – such as the game The Sim s) and the online community Second Life did not do it.

There are some very typical examples of “naming” in technological development, such as “Podcast”, which is obviously related to Apple’s MP3 player iPod.

In 2001, Apple first released the iPod that can put 1000 songs in its pockets, while some online authors began to record their own music, live performances or talk shows, and tried to let other listeners on their iPods.

Essentially, podcasts refer to putting links to sound files into a list of messages that can be dynamically updated (i.e. RSS), and informing users of the subscription list in time after the author updates. Users subscribe to the message list on their own devices and synchronize them every once in a while (such as 1 day or 1 hour) to check for updates. This is different from the mechanism of WeChat official account – the latter does not need manual synchronization, but the server actively pushes new content to the user’s device.

Originally, the technology was not called “Podcast”, but had two other names: Audioblog and Netcast. These names will not encounter Apple’s trademark challenges. However, the word “Podcast” pioneered by the Guardian columnist Ben Hammersley in 2004 still wins the competition because it reflects the fact that the widest audience for such subscriptions is consumers who buy iPods.

In June 2005, Apple added official support for podcasts to iPods and launched a “encirclement” for third-party developers. Some products are restricted from iPods, and more authors have received letters from lawyers requesting that the product name be changed to without iPod or Pod. Even so, Apple later said that they did not want to really monopolize the “Podcast” trademark, but would protect it from abuse. This is a bit similar to Ali’s attitude towards the word “Double 11”.

In the commercial field, if a company’s product becomes synonymous with this category, it is usually both a good thing and a bad thing. For example, Xerox refers to all “copiers” and “copying”, and 3M company’s “Post-it” refers to all light colors and backs. There is a weakly sticky disposable note and “Google” refers to the search action.

As we all know, Google does not like its trademark to directly become a common noun and verb, which is also called “genericization”. Although this makes the company a household name, it is also not conducive to the protection of trademark rights and interests, and ensures that the word appears in a positive and upward image most of the time.

In fact, when Google’s parent company changed its name to Alphabet in 2015, the New York Times believed that Google could not stop people from spontaneous “trademark generalization” and had to name it another name to protect the correct use of the new trademark, which was a major reason why it sought to change its name.

In contrast, Apple is much better for the company to pick up a bargain to qualify for the word “Podcast”, because it is not the product name that the company originally used, but it reminds people of their products.

Meta Universe (Facebook)’s strong binding to the “metaverse” is not as natural as Apple’s relationship with “podcasts”, and there is always a feeling of forced upwards in it. However, since it discovered the term “Metaverse” adopted spontaneously by the people, it has increasingly replaced the original “VR / AR” term used in its Oculus product line, which can be said to be very hard. Meta Universe…

With its powerful size and continuous lobbying and promotion of the concept of meta-cosmic, Meta (Facebook) does have the potential to realize the vision of strongly binding this concept to its own company’s business. In this process, “Meta Universe” will also become the most popular name for similar businesses, and other manufacturers will adopt this name one after another.

What is Metaverse meaning?

Meta Universe

Definition: Metaverse = VR / AR + Digital alias + NFT

“Meta Universe” includes immersive experiences such as first-person watching, walking on the moon, holding meetings in virtual offices, etc., and believes that Unity, nVidia, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), Snapchat and Roblox is the current main participant.

This summary is certainly one thing, but all the major financial and technology media in the United States agree with the above definition. In addition, they are also concerned about the introduction of NFT as a tradable asset within its system, as mentioned by Meta (Facebook).

Facebook began to explore crypto finance very early. In mid-2019, it announced its blockchain-based digital payment system and its currency variety Libra for the first time, as well as some initial partners, including Mastercard, Visa and S, the giants of the legal currency payment system. tripe.

However, Facebook gradually faded out of Libra’s implementation plan because of deep concerns about Libra’s possible impact on the legal tender system by regulators in many countries, including the United States, and the project now known as Diem, has come to a de facto stagnation.

However, the issuance of NFT is not as radical as issuing currency, and it is a personal transaction behavior of users on the platform, which is legally comparable to game equipment. Even in mainland China, which has adopted a “severe crackdown” on unofficial digital currencies, Ant Group, Tencent and others can still issue substantive NFT in the name of “digital collections”.

Moreover, the “altern” mentioned by Meta Universe (Facebook” is also extremely important. Just like all its services opened in the browser and mobile phone can be logged in with a single Facebook account, everything that happens after wearing a VR headset is also bound to the user’s own Facebook account, which is more obvious that this user is in the number of users. The word “ID card” of the word world.

In some worlds, such as Meta Universe Roblox, users can have more than one identity and can “pinch their bodies” as needed. Because Roblox is more like a platform for running many indie games, players enter different games, as if they walk through different “theme parks” in the virtual world, and of course they can choose different identities every time.

However, Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft’s expected user identity will be as unified as possible, and simulate real humans as much as possible in terms of body appearance, face shape, voice, posture, etc., in order to create a sense of presence that brings people who are not in the same time and space together.

After all, only in this way can one of the typical usages be realized – colleagues have meetings in virtual offices, or teachers teach students.
In Meta (Facebook) practice, “mete universe” is a combination of VR / AR, digital doubles, and NFT. However, the “meta-cosm” in other people’s mouths is strange, and other popular statements, including introducing vibration, smell, taste, plugging electrodes to rewrite brain waves, taking over the nervous system and other words are not ablined, which may not exist in science fiction.

It can be said that after Meta (Facebook), the meaning of “metaverse” in the majority of the population will tend to be unified, and people will have a deeper discussion based on this unified definition.

Perhaps the “stand-in” part may have different branches, such as being diverted out of other platforms, allowing people to use completely anonymous and unbound false identities in the foreground and background; perhaps some small services are difficult to support the computing power and confirmation costs required by NFT, so other digital assets will be selected. Form. However, the carrier of the “meteraverse” is mainly VR / AR rather than drug use or posterior intubation, which will be a certainty in the next decade or even decades.

Why metro-cosm is important Meta Universe AR/VR?

The earliest artificial neuron model was proposed in 1943, and the Dartmouth Conference in 1956 introduced the concept of artificial intelligence as the ” first year of artificial intelligence” in history. Symbolicism and Connectionism have become the two main factions.

The former believes that the meaning of “cognition” is the derivation and calculation process of “input-output”, and advocates the construction of artificial intelligence systems with explicit axioms and logical systems such as decision trees.

The latter hopes to study human cognitive methods from the perspective of bionics and realize artificial intelligence with the connection mechanism of neurons, that is, to carry out “reverse engineering” on the human brain.

Starting from “symbolism” and “connectionism”, artificial intelligence bears two huge fruits respectively, namely, expert systems and machine learning.

The expert system systematically inputs a part of the knowledge that human beings have mastered into the computer, and stipulates rich human semantic knowledge to simulate the process of human reasoning based on existing knowledge.

Machine learning is “alchemy” in the big “black box” of neural networks. Its computing efficiency is greatly affected by computing power. As a result, it is “watching the weather to eat” and “watching the amount of data to eat”.

As a result, in the 1950-1970s with limited computing power, the expert system first began to develop and encountered bottlenecks. Then breakthroughs were made in the theoretical research of machine learning, dormant from the 90s to the 2000s, waiting for the explosive growth of computing power in the 2010s.

Google’s first knowledge map in 2012 is a structured semantic knowledge base. This is a typical case of “symbolism”, but it adopts machine learning to automate implementation, omitting a lot of manpower participation.

The amount of data it contains has soared from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of levels of manual input to a billion-billion level.

This means that from then on to this day, the concept of “artificial intelligence” we talk about is almost the same as machine learning.

Black box in, black box in. No one knows whether an algorithm based on a certain starting point can really move towards the envisaged result, nor does it know where a algorithm that has always been effective may come from and how it can be solved if something goes wrong.

It can only be changed everywhere and use whichever works. However, just like this mechanism, we still don’t fully understand the principle, which constitutes a major theme of technological development in recent years. Even important matters such as urban operation, ground transportation, disaster prevention and emergency response have been partially or completely handed over to it.

The conventional “artificial intelligence” in 2020 and “artificial intelligence” in 1970 are completely different things. It has completed the transformation from reference expert system to reference machine learning in the past few decades and will stabilize in the future.

Similarly, the concept of “metaverse” is clearly based on VR / AR, and it is believed that it will also dominate the definition in the coming decades. Because VR / AR is the most reliable way to immerse people enter the virtual world with visible observations.

Focus: Lead the industry to increase investment in this field, metaverse (Meta Universe)?

In the past two days, EDG has become a watershed to distinguish young people from middle-aged and elderly people. However, e-sports, including League of Legends, will become the official event of the Hangzhou Asian Games, so this “winning” is of great significance, and I’m afraid people of all ages will agree.

E-sports’s entry into official sports events is driven by many reasons, such as winning young audiences. However, the president feels that there is a sufficient reason for everyone to regret after many years: if you wear a VR headset and enter an immersive competition environment in the future, e-sports has the potential to become the most popular sport among all sports, regardless of age.

Among the many applications of 5G combined with VR/AR, panoramic live broadcast is one of the widely publicized cases. It provides an on-site experience of sitting in the front row or watching various competitions, concerts, forums, etc. in the referee’s bench. This broadcasting method will equalize e-sports with other events in terms of watching experience, and have a stronger sense of presence and higher audience participation.

Meta Universe

In fact, the current live broadcast of the game is to broadcast the screen directly. Because some competitive games are affected by control, the picture is relatively abstract. People who don’t play games will feel that some pixels are running on the screen, and the dazzling glare in the global field of view is also annoying.

A large part of the game player’s experience is generated by “brain tonic”, which is not conducive to becoming a variety suitable for all ages. After switching to VR live broadcast, the audience will greatly improve the situation by entering the screen and even adopting a first-person perspective, just like watching flight performances at the Zhuhai Air Show, which is definitely more intuitive and enjoyable than watching the dashboard in front of the pilot. Meta Universe…

Of course, some people will definitely mention Meta’s attempts at this time: Oculus Venues and Facebook Spaces, which appear as virtual concerts and teleconferencing applications respectively, but are now out of service. Moreover, Oculus itself is recognized as the ceiling of VR headset effect in the industry, which is much better than Magic Leap boasting.

However, the existing equipment is still bulky, the wearing experience is poor, and it is also limited by the computing power of mobile devices. It is inevitable that there will be delays, double shadows, frame loss and glare. Problems such as dizziness. Not to mention that the price of these devices is high, but the applications developed above are very limited, and they are not excellent enough to replace mobile phones for a long time.

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