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Natural Gas in Egypt 2021

natural gas

Natural Gas in Egypt : The Zohr gas field is a seaward gaseous petrol field situated in the Egyptian area of the Mediterranean Sea. The field is situated in the Shorouk concession, a concession with a zone of 3,765 square kilometers (1,454 sq mi) which was won by Eni in 2013.

Worldwide interest for natural gas could ascend by the greater part by 2040 as per the International Energy Agency which is great for natural gas in Egypt.

Natural gas is the cleanest-consuming hydrocarbon. We investigate for it and produce it, on and seaward. It makes up the greater part of our creation today.

Why Natural gas is a plus for Egypt and world?

Natural gas in Egypt is the cleanest-consuming hydrocarbon, creating around a large portion of the carbon dioxide (CO2) and only one 10th of the air poisons of coal when consumed to produce power.

It is plentiful. In the event that utilization stayed at the present levels, there would be sufficient recoverable gas assets to last around 230 years.

It is flexible. A gas-terminated force station sets aside significantly less effort to begin and stop than a coal-terminated plant. This adaptability makes flammable gas a decent accomplice to sustainable power sources like sun oriented and wind power, which are just accessible when the sun sparkles and the breeze blows.

Egypt east mediterranean gas forum with Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and Palestine. It was established as an international body on 16 January 2020. The headquarters of EastMed Gas Forum are located in Cairo, Egypt.

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