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Exciting Vietnam strives to generate 21 GW of offshore wind power by 2045

Vietnam has proposed a target of 3,000 to 5 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2030 and 21,000 megawatts Offshore Wind Power By 2045.

21 GW Offshore Wind Power By 2045? At the online symposium entitled “Development of Offshore Wind Power: Assessing Its Environmental and Social Impact” held on August 18, Pan Chunyong, President of the Federation of Scientific and Technological Associations of Vietnam, said that Vietnam will benefit from the development of offshore wind power, and the cost of energy equivalent will gradually decrease in the future.

Pan Chunyong also said that the development of offshore wind power will create more new jobs, promote the attraction of investment funds, and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

At the symposium, many experts believed that at present, the legal basis and technical standards for production Offshore Wind Power By 2045, installation, operation and warranty are still insufficient, and it is necessary to establish a project development process under the one-window mode to ensure the legal unity and effectiveness of investment. Offshore wind power procurement mechanism will promote the development of the market.

In addition, speakers and delegates also discussed the development of offshore wind power and proposed specific measures, such as the need for the country to designate special mechanisms for the development goals of offshore wind farms, because wind power energy brings sustainable benefits, both to ensure energy security and improve citizens’ information to convey the sovereignty of Vietnam’s maritime and islands. The sense of responsibility and authority contribute.

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