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Wind power photovoltaics should become the main Source of clean energy, China 5 years Plan

The goal of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality on schedule has been made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. (Wind Power Photovoltaics)

Wind Power Photovoltaics : General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: “We must unswervingly implement the new development concept, adhere to the systemic concept, handle the relationship between development and emission reduction, overall and local, short-term and medium- and long-term, take the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development as the guide, take the green and low-carbon development of energy as the key, and accelerate the formation of energy-saving and environmental protection production.

Industrial structure, production mode, lifestyle and spatial pattern, unswervingly follow the road of ecological priority, green and low-carbon high-quality development. The Party Group of the National Energy Administration resolutely implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, deeply implements the new energy security strategy, adheres to the main battlefield, is the main force, and fights active battles, resolutely implements various decisions and deployments, comprehensively promotes the green and low-carbon development of energy, and ensures that all goals and tasks are completed on time.

Firmly maintain strategic determination

China strives to achieve a carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. This is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core after careful consideration. It is related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation and the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, and fully reflects the future and destiny of man and nature by a responsible power Wind Power Photovoltaics.

Deep concern and initiative. As the world’s largest energy producer and consumer country, it is a hard battle and a big test to achieve the goal of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality on schedule. We must strengthen self-confidence, maintain strategic determination, and make solid ideological preparations and work preparations for a protracted war.

Accelerate the strategic measures to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. The socialist modernization we build has distinctive Chinese characteristics, one of which is that China’s modernization is the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and pays attention to the simultaneous promotion of material civilization and ecological civilization. The energy industry has a large scale, strong correlation and wide range of influence in Wind Power Photovoltaics.

Carbon emissions from energy activities account for a high proportion of the total carbon emissions in the country. Energy development is linked to the construction of material civilization and ecological civilization at the other. To achieve an all-round green transformation of economic and social development, we must cross the threshold of energy transformation and transformation.

As the world’s largest developing country, development is our first priority. The difficult tasks of promoting industrialization, urbanization and improving people’s livelihood determine that we will still maintain the rigid demand for energy consumption growth in the coming period.

To ensure the demand of high quality, we must fully implement the new development concept, grasp the bull nose of adjusting the energy structure, accelerate the transformation of the development mode of the industry, vigorously improve the quality level of energy supply, resolutely do not follow the old road of high energy consumption and high carbon emissions that developed countries have gone through, and effectively use low energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Effectively support high-quality development, support the systematic economic and social transformation with profound changes in the energy industry, and help the overall green transformation of economic and social development.

The inherent requirements of advancing the energy revolution in depth. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the scientific guidance of the new energy security strategy, China’s energy structure adjustment has made rapid progress in Wind Power Photovoltaics.

By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the proportion of coal consumption in total energy consumption had historically decreased to 56.8%, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption had increased to 15.9%, and the installed scale of non-fossil energy power generation had increased to 9. With 80 million kilowatts, it ranks first in the world, making important contributions to the construction of ecological civilization and laying a solid foundation for achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutralization.

However, it should also be noted that China’s energy production and consumption volume is large, coal and other fossil energy accounts for a high proportion, and energy development is facing the rigid constraints of the resource environment. After basically controlling the emission of pollutants such as soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, carbon emissions will be further reduced and the vitality of sustainable development will be further reduced, which has become the only way for the high-quality development of the energy industry.

To firmly take this road well, we must plan the energy cause from the height of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, better grasp the relationship between industrial development and ecological protection, establish a clear direction of green and low carbon, unswervingly promote energy transformation and transformation, better complete the two major tasks of ensuring energy security and promoting green and low-carbon development, and strive to promote China’s energy revolution has achieved a new historic leap.

Actively promote the active choice of jointly addressing climate change. With the continuous acceleration of green development, it has become a universal consensus of the international community to develop clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. More than 120 countries have put forward the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions or carbon neutralization.

However, in recent years, some countries have risen unilateralism and protectionism, and there is a clear tendency to look at themselves. In particular, the COVID-19 epidemic has led to a downturn in the world economy and restrictions on international exchanges, which has further exacerbated the trend of counter-globalization, and the implementation of promises has been lower than expected, and the response to climate change is facing more unstable and uncertainties. In the face of these risks and challenges, it is necessary for all countries in the world to take responsibility and work together.

Our country plays a positive role as a responsible power, shows a positive attitude to deal with climate change, and comprehensively promotes the green and low-carbon development of energy, which is conducive to boosting the confidence and morale of the international community to overcome difficulties together, promotes the effective implementation of the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities, equity and respective capabilities, and helps to the search for common The greatest conventional number to combat climate change promotes the common protection of the earth’s homeland.

Vigorously strengthen scientific planning

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a broad and profound economic and social systemic change, involving all aspects of modernization. We must strengthen strategic thinking, broaden strategic vision, do a good job in strategic design, and effectively enhance the principle, systemicity, predictability and creativity of work Wind Power Photovoltaics.

Coordinate and handle the three major relationships. We will unswervingly implement the new development concept, adhere to the systemic concept, strengthen the top-level design and overall connection, and strive to maintain scientific, reasonable and coordinated work.

We will make overall plans to deal with the relationship between development and emission reduction, adhere to both hands and hardness, better use the reform and development methods to promote production and supply, carbon and pollution reduction, focus on green and low-carbon development to lead the emission reduction process, force industry innovation with emission reduction constraints, promote the formation of a mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing virtuous virtuous circle, and strive to turn challenges into Opportunity, effectively unify the target relationship between development and emission reduction with the task requirements of ensuring energy security and green and low-carbon development such as Wind Power Photovoltaics.

We will make overall plans to handle the relationship between the whole and the local part, consciously put local interests into account in the overall interests, adhere to the national top-level design as the fundamental follow-up to implement the industry task, accelerate the green and low-carbon development of energy as the key guarantee to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and better play the leading role of leading and exemplary.

Strive to make more industry contributions, and effectively unify the overall and local interests in a national chess game. We should deal with the relationship between the short-term and medium- and long-term relationship as a whole. We should not insist that successes do not have to me, and success must have my mind.

Wind Power Photovoltaics: We should plan the schedule as a whole. We should not only fully understand the arduous complexity of energy transformation and transformation and reform, but also fight a protracted war for a long time, but also start from pragmatically solving the current prominent contradictions and problems, and focus on fighting annihilation. To destroy the war, strive to accumulate small victories into big wins, and effectively unify the short-term and medium- and long-term timing relationship with the goal of “striving to achieve a carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”.

Clarify the idea of peak energy carbon. Give full play to the institutional advantages of concentrating on doing major things, strengthen strategic planning guidance, improve the work operation mechanism, and steadily promote the peak of energy carbon. Scientifically set strategic goals, focusing on the decline of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by more than 65% compared with 2005, the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption by about 25%, and the total installed capacity of wind and solar power generation reaching more than 1.2 billion kilowatts in China.

Contribut goals, conduct in-depth demonstration and calculation of energy carbon emissions, consumption, efficiency and other industry indicators, take the initiative to claim tasks, decompose and refine implementation, strive to be realistic and feasible, and set up scientific and reasonable goal guidelines.

We will clearly focus on strategic tasks, adhere to the two major directions of energy conservation and emission reduction, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, supply-side demand-side collaborative efforts, strictly control coal power projects, strictly control coal consumption, accelerate the development of non-fossil energy such as wind power and solar power generation, continuously expand the supply of green and low-carbon energy, and vigorously reduce pressure. Energy consumption with high carbon emissions promotes the effective implementation of tasks with high-quality interaction between supply and demand.

We will strengthen the guarantee of policies and measures, combine with the implementation of the Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan, formulate and promulgate the implementation plan for the peak of energy and carbon, as well as measures in the sub-fields of power, coal, oil and natural gas, new energy, energy storage, policy system, etc., clarify the overall requirements, main goals and key tasks, and ensure that a blueprint is drawn to the end.

Seize and make good use of the critical window period

Wind Power Photovoltaics, China is less than 10 years away from the carbon peak, and the “14th Five-Year Plan” period is a critical period and a window period. It is of great significance to achieve the goal of peaking carbon and neutralizing and creating a new situation in the construction of ecological civilization in order to do a good job in the 14th Five-Year Plan period, comprehensively promote the implementation of the task of energy carbon peaking, and promoting historical progress in key areas.

Vigorously control fossil energy consumption. Adhere to the priority development strategy of saving, strictly control the total amount of energy consumption and intensity, constantly improve the efficiency of energy use and the level of carbon reduction, and effectively form an effective carbon emission control valve from the source and entrance. We will accelerate the pace of coal reduction, strictly control coal and electricity projects, actively promote the reduction and limitation of coal in major coal-consuming industries such as iron and steel, building materials and chemical industry, and greatly reduce scattered coal.

We will reasonably control the growth rate of oil consumption, scientifically optimize the natural gas consumption structure, fully implement the green production action of oil and gas, vigorously promote the reduction of carbon and efficiency of oil and gas transportation, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of oil and gas processing, and carry out the research and development and application of carbon capture technology in depth. It is necessary to ensure that the average annual growth rate of fossil energy consumption during the 14th Five-Year Plan period is further lower than that of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and achieve the cumulative reduction of energy consumption per unit GDP by 13.5%.

Accelerate the implementation of renewable energy alternative actions. Adhere to the sustainable development strategy, vigorously promote the iterative development of non-fossil energy, steadily accelerate the intensity and pace of substitution, and effectively make green and low-carbon development more abundant and heavier. We will accelerate the development of wind power photovoltaic industry, give priority to the development and absorption of wind power photovoltaic in the east, central and southern regions, and actively promote the clustered development of offshore wind power in the southeast coastal areas and the development of wind power photovoltaic base in the “three norths” region.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, wind power photovoltaics should become the main force of clean energy growth. Actively and steadily develop hydropower and nuclear power, start construction of a number of major engineering projects, and give full play to the strategic role of major engineering projects. We will strengthen the innovation and application of green and low-carbon technology, actively develop safe and efficient energy storage technology, solidly promote the development and large-scale application of hydrogen energy technology, and promote the construction of smart grids. Develop other renewable energy such as biomass energy and geothermal energy according to local conditions.

Actively build a new power system with new energy as the main body. Adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, strengthen the support and guarantee of technology and policies, and accelerate the evolution of the power system to adapt to large-scale and high-scale new energy sources.

We will vigorously improve the flexible adjustment ability of the power system, strengthen the construction of peak regulating power stations such as pumped storage and natural gas power generation, promote the flexible transformation of coal power, and optimize the dispatch operation mode of the power grid. We will strengthen the construction of the power grid, optimize the national grid pattern, improve the regional main grid frame, carry out the intelligent upgrading and transformation of the distribution network, and encourage users to invest in the construction of an intelligent micro-grid mainly to digest new energy sources Wind Power Photovoltaics.

We will strengthen the coordinated development of source network charge storage, promote multi-energy complementarity such as scenery and fire and water, promote the coordination and synchronization of new energy power stations and power grids, and give full play to the two-way adjustment role of energy storage systems. Deepen the reform of the power system, promote the improvement of the power price and power dispatch trading mechanism, strengthen the construction of the power auxiliary service market, promote the market-oriented trading of power, and continuously improve the supporting mechanism and market model that conform to the operation of the new power system.

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