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Eight shooting incidents occurred in the West Valley of Phoenix City, United States, causing one death and more injuries

China Daily, June 18 According to CNN, on June 17th, U.S. local time, according to police, a gunman shot wildly in the northwest Phoenix City United States, killing four people, one of whom was killed, and the other nine were injured by shrapnel and debris. “To date, there have been a total of eight shootings,” said Brandon Sheffet, the police chief of the Peoria Police Department, at a press conference.

These shootings occurred in three cities northwest of Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and Surprise, which are collectively referred to as the West Valley area. Schefter said that the shooting lasted for more than an hour. He added that a firefighter found the suspect’s vehicle, and the suspect did not resist arrest, and found a weapon in his car.

According to CNN, according to their aerial video, the suspect drove a white SUV. Other investigators said that they thought there was only one gunman.

“There’s no reason for the public to feel unsafe at this time,” said Tommy Hale, a police officer from the city of The Place. The FBI is assisting in the investigation of these cases.

Banner Health staff said that their three hospitals have received nine patients. However, hospital staff said that it was impossible to provide any other information about the patient, so it was not clear whether the patient had a gunshot wound or other injury.

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