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latest J-35 carrier aircraft Generation worthiness? Electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier will be officially unveiled before the end of the year

J-35 The new layout of version 3.0 FC-31 should consider boarding.

So far J-35, there are 16 F-35s in South Korea and more than 40 in Japan. At present, the United States, Japan and South Korea have more than 100 F-35s. In particular, Britain, Japan and South Korea are actively modifying the F-35B for aircraft carriers, which has caused a generation gap between Chinese and foreign carrier aircraft, which is very unfavorable to China.

At the 13th Zhuhai Air Show, Sun Cong, the chief designer of the J-15 and FC-31 "Eagle", publicly said, "This year, everyone should see the good news of the next generation of aircraft carrier carriers."

At the air show booth, the FC-31 (J-35) is on display with powerful PL-15E missiles this time. Some defense experts said that the latest version 3.0 FC-31 stealth fighters and airborne weapons and equipment are top-notch, and their combination will make them more powerful and rank among the world first-class.


Now is almost peacetime. The United States, Japan and South Korea have deployed more than 100 F-35s around China. Once there is a problem, this number is likely to increase 4-5 times in a short time, and a large number of F-22s will approach.

Now, according to the report at the 13th Zhuhai Air Show, China has a number of 150 J-20, which can basically meet the existing threats.

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