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aware Prices in United States rise, consumer and merchants complain together

Prices are fierce! Prices In United States Rise, The most intuitive feeling of many Americans in recent months is that everything is rising in food, drink, housing and transportation.

In several supermarkets in Los Angeles, when it comes to prices in United States rise, consumers complained reporters that yellow-haired chickens rose to $16.99 from $12.99 a piece last year, and live crucian carp rose to $6.99 from less than $5 a pound (0.45 kg) last year. Previously, there were a lot of green vegetables under $1 per pound, but now the price has doubled or doubled several times.

Raw materials have risen, and even the cost of “sting out” has also increased. Mr. Chen, partner of Pinyuxuan, a specialty Sichuan restaurant in Temple City, now has a headache every time he buys: garlic sprouts have risen from $15 to $30 in a box, and rapeseed oil has risen from $18 to $40 in a barrel.

Many Sichuan cuisine ingredients from China have been “difficult to find in one product” recently.

“prices in United States rise” The labor cost is even higher, and it is difficult to find a suitable person to double the wages of waiters and kitchens. Mr. Chen said that those who came to the restaurant were all old guests, and the price of dishes could only be fine-tuned. They did not dare to soar for fear of scaring away the guests.

Small restaurants are difficult, so are large supermarkets.

“This year has been a very difficult year.” The manager of a big supermarket in Santa Gabriel said so. Take bottled mineral water as an example. Because the supply chain is not smooth, it is difficult to get goods. There are fewer and fewer types and quantities of bottled water that customers can buy in major supermarkets, and the price is still rising, with an overall increase of 20%.

At the opening of large supermarket chains in the United States, the price of many daily necessities has increased significantly. Coupled with insufficient supply, daily necessities such as bottled water and sanitation have begun to be restricted.

Richard Garanti, Chief Financial Officer of Market, said that the company has been forced to start transferring costs by rising costs by 4% to 8% and plastics and pet products.

Prices In United States Rise
prices in United States rise

This means that the price of this big supermarket will rise nationwide also overall prices in United States rise.

For Americans who are used to self-driving travel, the rise in gasoline prices is a sensitive topic. According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, gasoline prices rose by more than 42% year-on-year in September.

Martin Baker, a Los Angeles resident, described soaring oil prices as “digging a big hole” in monthly living expenses. House prices are also rising. Rental prices in the top hundred cities across the United States have risen continuously over the past five months, which has made residents complain.

Soaring prices have been reflected in economic indicators. According to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics last week, (prices in United States rise) the consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.4% month-on-month in September, 5.4% year-on-year, and has been increasing by more than 5% for 5 consecutive months. Many American professionals have described the current price rise with the “inflation crisis”.

Prices In United States Rise
prices in United States rise

Some people attribute the poor supply chain in the United States to the bottleneck of port unloading. In order to improve the large number of cargo ships waiting to be unloaded outside the port, the USA government requires Los Angeles ports and Long Beach ports to “link” to unload the cargo backlogged on sea surface cargo ships.

However, analysts said that even if the port delivers goods 24 hours a day, except for large enterprises such as Kaishike and Wal-Mart, the majority of small and medium-sized merchants do not have the ability to receive goods 24 hours a day.

The head of a large logistics company in Indastri, Los Angeles County, told reporters that the causes of the supply chain crisis are complex, not only caused by slow port unloading.

At present, merchants are stocking up for the holiday shopping season, and the market demand is “exploding”. In addition, due to insufficient manpower during the epidemic, many logistics enterprises have encountered a “labor shortage”, which further aggravates problems such as extended transportation time and rising costs.

The person in charge said that although merchants and logistics companies are trying to absorb part of the costs, they will still pass part of the pressure on to consumers, resulting in higher prices and prices in United States rise.

Although the USA government claims that the current situation is “temporary”, many economists believe that the high-price situation may continue until next year or the year after next, and there will even be a “spiral of wage and prices”, “prices in United States rise” will seriously impact the lives of low- and middle-income groups in the United States.

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