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Qatar 2022 World Cup: Not vaccinated ? Not be allowed to enter But it’s still easy

The Prime Minister of Qatar announced that all spectators at the 2022 World Cup must be vaccinated against the coronavirus, and plans to purchase and reserve 1 million vaccines for unvaccinated foreign fans. Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Qatar will require the Qatar 2022 World Cup to have received coronavirus vaccine to attend match at Stadium, the government has announced.

Qatar’s government announced that all live viewers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup must be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Qatar’s Prime Minister Khalid bin Al-Thani told the editor of his newspaper that Qatar plans to purchase 1 million vaccines for fans who want to watch the game live.

“When the date of FIFA World Cup Qatar is 2022, most countries will have a vaccine. State media quoted Sheikh Khalid as saying on Sunday, immunizing their citizens. “Accome to the possibility that some countries will not be able to immunate all their citizens, Qatar It will not allow fans to enter the stadium without receiving full vaccination against the virus.”

On Sunday (June 20), Qatari state media quoted Khalid as saying: “When the 2022 Qatar World Cup will start, most countries around the world should have vaccinated the people. Considering that some countries may not be able to vaccinate all people, Qatar will not allow fans who have not completed the vaccination to enter the game.

During the pandemic, Qatar recorded 585 deaths and 220,800 confirmed cases. The first World Cup in the Middle East will begin on November 21, 2022.

Khaled said: “At present, we are negotiating with a company to provide 1 million coronavirus vaccines to the live audience of the World Cup in Qatar. The main goal of our move is to protect the public health of our people.”

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