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2022 Winter Olympic Games supplier Reit Ai enters the new energy storage reliable market

Reit Ai, The 24th Winter Olympics, referred to as the Beijing & Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics, will be held in 2022 It was jointly held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou City, People’s Republic of China from February 4 to February 20, 2022.

Reit Ai (NQ: 831709), became one of the suppliers of the Winter Olympic Games.

This is the first time in Chinese history that the Winter Olympic Games have been held. Beijing and Zhangjiakou are both host cities. It is also the third Olympic event held by China after the Beijing Olympic Games and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

Beijing Ruiteai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmentally friendly national high-tech enterprise registered in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park focusing on heating, refrigeration and energy storage technology.

A series of internationally advanced electrode and resistive heating equipment and systems introduced, designed and developed by Reit Ai have good performance and reputation in the Chinese market.

The systems involved in the integrated solution of thermoelectric balance provided by Reiteai can be widely used in various industrial and civil fields such as large-scale centralized heating, wind power consumption, power plant start-up, power load balancing, cold and hot storage, aerospace, ships, military industry, chemical industry, papermaking, automobiles, etc.

Reit Ai Company actively responds to the “electric energy replacement” policy of State Grid, and can centralize the transformation of the “coal-to-electricity” project in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and northern China combined with the unique electrode high-temperature heat storage boiler system.

Reit Ai

Beijing Ruiteai was founded in 2009 and listed on the new OTC market in 2015 (securities code: 831709).

As a technology enterprise dominated by technical services, Reitai provides customers with systematic solutions and comprehensive integrated services from project consultation and design, product and system manufacturing, assembly and integration, engineering implementation and after-sales service. ?

Reit Ai main business is to provide comprehensive utilization solutions for thermoelectric balance.

The company’s main thermal power balance comprehensive utilization overall solution business is subdivided into four categories: automatic power load balance system, wind power absorption system, cold and hot dual storage system and high temperature and high pressure military and civil test system.

1. Reit Ai, Automatic power load balancing system

Severe power load imbalances cause harm to low-voltage power grids, distribution transformers and 10kV high-voltage lines, and has a great impact on the safe production, reduced line losses and users’ safe use of electricity in power supply enterprises.

The company’s automatic power load balancing system is a system solution developed for this problem. This solution is a set of systems developed for thermopower plants and steel mills to regulate grid loads and carry out waste heat collection and recycling at the same time.

When the power grid load is too high, the system stores excess energy to the energy storage system by using high-power electrode hot water boiler equipment combined with large energy storage equipment, or converts electrical energy into heat energy for consumption, and finally achieves the role of automatically adjusting the grid balance and energy saving and emission reduction.

At the same time, Reit Ai system can warm the hot water in the energy storage device and use it at high electricity prices, which is of great significance for making full use of power in the power grid, increasing the effective supply of power supply, improving the load rate of the power grid and rationally using power resources.

Reit Ai system mainly has two functions:

The first is to accommodate the power supply of new energy grids with more absorption and instability, including wind power, photovoltaic photothermal, biological energy, tidal energy and other power plants, as well as various small distributed energy stations, and adjust the grid load through the thermoelectric balance system to achieve automatic equilibrium effect of the power grid;

Second, realize the power peak regulation and industrial waste heat recovery and recycling of thermal power plants and iron and steel plants, effectively solve energy waste, and make rational use of power resources.

Reit Ai system consists of a high-power electrode hot water boiler mainframe system, heat exchange system, circulating water pump system, fixed pressure water replenishment system, dosing system, RO membrane system, heat storage system, pipeline network system, group control system and remote automatic control system.

2. Reit Ai, Wind power absorption system

China’s installed capacity of wind power ranks first in the world, but the existing power grid has insufficient and cannot be used again for poor stability in wind power, photovoltaic, tidal and straw.

The company’s wind power absorption system is a system solution developed for the situation of rich wind farms such as Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, large installed capacity of wind power, but the external transmission conditions of the power grid are limited, and excess wind power cannot absorb and transform.

Reit Ai wind power absorption system uses abandoned wind power generation for heating, changing from “wind energy” to “electric energy” and then to “heat energy”, realizing on-site absorption and conversion. The customers are wind and photovoltaic power enterprises and local governments across the country.

The function of the wind power absorption system is:

a. It provides a demonstration effect for clean heating, reducing the waste of resources caused by abandoned wind shutdowns, adjusting the heating energy structure, and reducing pollutant emissions; b. It can greatly reduce the peak adjustment pressure of the power grid and create conditions for the sustained and rapid development of wind power in China; c. Effectively alleviate the consumption and input pressure of primary energy in China, there are It is conducive to the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

This system includes the construction of electrode boiler room and heat exchange station, central group control and remote automatic control system to solve the absorption and on-site conversion of wind power, and at the same time solve the heating needs of end-end users for regional centralized heating.

The scheme carries out multi-point centralized control in the control room through visual monitoring and central group control system, and completes the collection, statistics, calculation and collation of user data, which can intuitively display visual analysis statistics for users and improve the work efficiency of system automatic control and automatic operation and adjustment.

The system consists of a high-power electrode hot water boiler mainframe system, a high-voltage input system, a heat exchange system, a circulating water pump system, a constant pressure water replenishment system, a dosing system, a RO membrane system, a heat storage system, a pipeline network system, a group control system, a remote automatic control system, etc.

3. Reit Ai, Hot and cold dual storage system

The cold and hot double storage system uses heat storage materials as the medium to combine excess cereal power (low electricity price) of the night power grid with the apparent heat storage material to store energy, and uses the stored energy as a cold and heat source for cooling and heat release during peak power consumption hours (high electricity price).

Reit Ai system not only makes the power load “cut peaks and fill valleys”, but also effectively alleviates the tension of urban power supply, improves the annual utilization rate of power generation equipment, ensures the full-load and efficient operation of the standby unit, and reduces the operating cost of the system, thus bringing significant social and economic benefits.

The cold and hot dual storage system is a set of energy storage devices shared by heating and cooling. According to the different seasons, the target place is cooled or heated to make the room temperature meet the requirements of comfort.

The working principle is to reasonably use the excess power of the night power grid for energy storage, convert electrical energy into the potential heat energy and apparent heat energy of the refrigerant in summer (reduce the room temperature water to zero-degree ice pulp), and use a circulating pump to release the cold amount of zero-degree ice pulp to places that need to be cooled during the day, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and reduce the high-power equipment during the day. The running time of, thus greatly reducing the cost.

In winter, the refrigeration system is discontinued, the boiler heating system is turned on, and excess power at night is used to store heat. When regenerating heat, the electrical energy is converted into water and stored in the heat storage tank. During the day, the target place is heated by heat pump and plate replacement to provide heating.

Reit Ai system can be used in civil fields such as large residential buildings, shopping malls, large shopping malls, exhibition and conference centers, as well as industrial fields such as pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, mechanical manufacturing factories, and spare parts processing factories.

Reit Ai system consists of high-power electrode boiler and auxiliary machine system, refrigeration mainframe and computer room pipeline network system, cooling and storage system, cooling and heat release system, refrigerated water circulation system, condensed water system, air conditioning terminal circulation water system, hydraulic balance adjustment system, high voltage access system, computer room remote transmission automatic control system, and air conditioning terminal perception. It is composed of transmission system, etc.

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