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Dangerous Chinese rocket crashed in Indian Ocean

Update: The Chinese rocket crashed in the Indian Ocean, as confirmed by the US Space Command on Twitter.

On Saturday night rubble will be one of the past weekend launched Chinese missile crash uncontrollably.

The company Aerospace Corporation tracks the Chinese rocket crash and has a re-entry time of 17:24 UTC, i.e. 19:24 our time calculated. The range of fluctuation is only one hour.

There is a high probability that the debris is large enough to get the to survive re-entry into our atmosphere and hit the ground. The parts are likely to come down over the west coast of the USA. The crash might also be visible from there (see yellow circle above).

Live Stream

The YouTube channel “The Launch Pad” operates a live stream where you can follow the current position of the rocket live:

There is also a similar live stream on YouTube -Channel SchoolFreeware

Chinese rocket crashed in Indian Ocean

Chinese rocket crash again

It’s not the first time parts of Chinese missiles have fallen uncontrolled to earth. This last happened in April, when parts of an old Long March rocket stage, which did not completely burn up on re-entering the atmosphere, over populated area in India open.

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