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Today JPMorgan Chase CEO: Bitcoin worthless will be regulated by the government

Bitcoin Worthless : “Regardless of what others think, the government will supervise them. They will supervise them for anti-money laundering purposes, bank secrecy laws and taxation purposes,” Dimon said.

Dimon has always been an outspoken critic of digital currencies. He once made the statement that “Bitcoin is a scam (Bitcoin Worthless)”, but later expressed regret for this statement.

  This summer, JPMorgan Chase launched a cryptocurrency fund for high-net-worth clients, which means that the bank’s financial advisors can accept customer orders for buying and selling five cryptocurrency products.

  Dimon said that his views are different from those of the bank and its board of directors, and he remains skeptical.

  ”I personally think Bitcoin is worthless,” Dimon said. “I also think people shouldn’t smoke.”

  ”Our customers are adults. They disagree (the idea that Bitcoin is worthless). If they want to buy or sell Bitcoin — we can’t keep it — but we can give them legal and as clean access as possible Permissions.”

Bitcoin Worthless

  The Bitcoin transaction did not immediately respond to Dimon’s comments. The cryptocurrency is currently approximately $57,400.

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